which factor is not considered on studying of site?

This also affects the establishment of an industrial unit. It is easier and cheaper to produce a film in Bombay than in any other part of the country. For the successful and un-interrupted working of a factory, availability of adequate supply of labour of the right type at reasonable wages is also very essential. Business Organizations: There are various types of business organizations that can exist in a country. Certain port towns like Calcutta, Bombay and Madras have attained significant importance on account of availability of excellent water and rail transportation facilities. Banks, stock exchanges and other similar institutions help in capital formation and expansion of industry by providing financial help to it from time to time. It influences the total cost of production. But at present, there are several other sources of power, e.g. Adequate and quick facilities of transport must be kept in mind for quick delivery of raw materials to the factory and finished products to the market. Henry Ford started manufacturing motor cars in Detroit because he belonged to that place. For example, at Manimajra (a small town near Chandigarh) a few small automobile spare parts shops started about two decades back, but now a fully fledged automobile market has developed in that area. The number of buyers does not shift the supply curve. On account of this factor, jute industry developed in West- Bengal and tea industry in Assam. Nearness to banks and other financial institutions is an important consideration now-a- days in deciding location of an industrial unit. This becomes a very important element in the design process. Modern industrialisation could not have been possible without the growth of hydroelectric generating units. Before establishing an industrial unit in a particular region, buying habits, tastes, likes and dislikes of people in that area must be taken into consideration. These days the government plays an important role in determining the location of new industries. Site. Criteria and factors affect site selection for industrial building Environmental consideration is playing the significant role in industrial building construction. Constant research and experimentation is undertaken to develop products and improved methods of production. Copyright 10. On account of these various alternative sources of power supply, coal, as a main source of power is getting lesser recognition. The area for location should be such as to provide all possible opportunities for future development and expansion of the industrial unit without involving extra cost. The various factors are divided into two categories viz., […] Before publishing your Articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Some of the factors are: 1. What materials are available in and around the site, which can be used in the design. Another important point in this regard is that means of transportation and communication are more in plains rather than in hilly areas. A careful thought to all these rules, regulations and provisions of Act must be given before the establishment of an industrial unit. There is a complete industrial atmosphere. Transportation is the life line of modern industry. Nearness to market is important in case of industries producing consumer goods rather producers’ goods, this is because production of consumer goods require constant adjustment of manufacturing programme on account of quick changes in the tastes, preferences and buying habits of the consumers. Skilled labour is available only at specific centres. Availability of skilled and efficient labour is mainly responsible for the development of various industries in a particular region e.g., cotton textile industry of Great Britain developed at Lancashire mainly on account of availability efficient labour. There are some industries in which the inherited skill of the workers in an important factor in the process of manufacturing. Share Your PDF File The place selected should be such where the raw materials are available easily. The supply of un-skilled labour does not create any serious problem because such labour is available everywhere. There should be an easy approach to the place of raw-materials. Finance 7. Industrial Inertia and Others. Labour Supplies: For the successful and un-interrupted working of a factory, availability of adequate … In certain type of industries transportation is the sole factor which is taken into consideration in deciding location of an industrial unit. PLAY. Privacy Policy 8. In modern times different modes of transportation and their increased efficiency and flexibility have provided ample choice to the industrialists in the matter of location. Areas which are frequently subjected to earthquakes and other natural calamities may not attract many industries. Prohibited Content 3. Efficient workers are found in cool climatic regions. Not only men, but women and children have also engaged themselves in this industry directly or indirectly. STUDY. Unrestricted and regular supply of raw material is very necessary for carrying out unrestricted production. (iii) Jute works in Bengal owe their success on account of easy availability of raw-materials. Industry using third type of raw material can be located anywhere. Studying competitor websites can give you a good sense of some of the weaknesses in the design that you might be able to overcome. For example—The development of the dying and printing industry in Farukhabad and the glass industry in Ferozabad d have been mainly located there due to the availability of skilled labour in these towns. Political harmony and peace in a particular region encourage the establishment of industrial units. There are various reasons responsible for such a concentration of industries in a particular region viz., (i) availability of required type of labour in a particular region, (ii) facilities of repairs and maintenance on account of many repair shops and workshops operating in the areas, (iii) Availability of transport, communication, banking and insurance facilities, (iv) Facilities of managerial consultations and advice are also available. Existence of such specialised institutions must be kept in mind before starting an industrial unit. The various factors are divided into two categories viz., ‘primary factors’ and ‘secondary factors’. Log in Sign up. electricity, gas, oil and water power etc. Nearness to the source of raw material is very economical for an industrial unit. There is a tendency for an established industry to remain localised in a particular areas in which it arose even after some of the original advantages possessed by that area for such work have lost their previous importance. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Another important point to be kept in mind that only nearness of raw materials is not sufficient; it must also be easily accessible. TOS 7. Content Guidelines 2. Following factors can be explained under this category: For the efficient and smooth running of the business and for meeting working capital requirements, banking facilities play an important role. Disclaimer 9. Share Your Word File

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