where to buy krakowska

Krakow is an excellent place for all shoppers. If you’re buying more than one piece from a single vendor, you can try haggling to get a better price. Kraków is not a famous shopping destination, as most of its shops are dedicated to selling souvenirs or traditional products. As you wander around the narrow streets, you’re bound to discover little shops and cafés that sell handicraft goods, as well as galleries that feature works by local artists and antique stores full of wonders. If you get tired of all this shopping, you can pop into a cinema to see the greatest hits on a comfortable screen. And if you’d like to bring something fantastic for kids, go for the delicious handmade sweets made right in front of your eyes at the Ciu Ciu artistic candy manufacturer. It’s a pure pleasure to walk among the renovated tenement houses that on their ground floors house various shops that sell local goods ranging from clothes and souvenirs to culinary delicacies and alcohol. Have a look at this post where we explain in detail money matters in Poland and offer a selection of the best ATMs in Krakow city center and beyond to help you get some reasonable rates. Another interesting souvenir is leather slippers that come from the mountains. Here’s our ultimate guide to Krakow shopping. Shop in store or online. If you’re visiting Krakow over the weekend or during holidays, be sure to check the web to ensure that the shop you want to visit is open. Earn Clubcard points when you shop. ; Vodka: It is believed that Poland produces the world’s best Vodka.The country has numerous vodka brands, one of the most famous is Wyborowa. The best place to buy amber is the Cloth Hall market. Remember that you can pay only by cash. They come in the form of traditional baskets, boxes, and pots that are sold at local markets. Be sure to drop by and have a look at it because the exhibitions are exciting and the entry is cheap. If you need to exchange money, don’t do it at the airport or in the city center – you risk falling victim to unfavorable exchange rates. A must-buy gift is hand-painted ceramics. Poland has a strong culinary tradition that combines the best Slavic, Turkish, German, Hungarian, Jewish and Armenian cuisine. While not many tourists come out here, the place is a favorite among the locals. Service is always pleasant and prompt. The true imported Polish Ham. Some hotels and local shops might accept only cash. Bonarka City Center is a favorite of many because it’s located at further away from Krakow’s center and consequently it attracts fewer crowds than Galeria Krakowska. Since Krakow is a touristic city, there are many traps waiting for tourists who don’t know what is really worth to buy here and bring back home from Krakow. In our Polish online deli you will find the most famous Polish sausages including: Kabanosy, Garlic Sausage, Kielbasa Krakowska, Kielbasa Krajana, Easter Sausage (Biala Kielbasa) and traditional cold cuts. The best way to shop in Krakow is simply wandering around the streets and visiting small, local shops that hold collections by local artists and craftsmen. If you’re short on time, you can reach the shopping mall from the city center by tram. Amber: Amber is one of the most representative products in Poland, and there is beautiful and reasonably-priced amber jewelry. You might be pleasantly surprised. You can learn more about the purpose of cookies and how to change your browser settings. But the currency exchange rates in the mall are quite reasonable, and you’ll get Wi-Fi. Learn more ›. Decorated ceramics pieces are a great gift too. The main advantage of the shopping mall is its location. If you’re in town for a couple of days, be sure to get the Krakow: If you’d like to buy all these delicacies in a single place, the best spot to visit is Krakowski Kredens on Grodzka street. Some of the most exciting gifts you can bring from Poland are wood carvings. Krakow is no exception to that rule. You may get free advice from a fashion stylist or see an interesting exhibition. Sometimes they might come from local charities and foundations that teach crafts to the visually impaired so buying that type of gift is a good thing too. If you’re lucky, you might even find it printed on undergarments! So don’t let them ruin your shopping experience by preparing beforehand in planning your visit, OK? It might be a good idea to check the price of your dream phone or laptop in Krakow. Krakowska Kielbasa Krakowska Kielbasa SKU: $8.99. Today, the Cloth Hall stalls sell fantastic Polish handmade goods. However, the local handicrafts make for unusual gifts and buying from these artisans means that you will also be supporting local businesses. Krakus is cured naturally with only the finest hand-selected ingredients and recipes passed down through centuries. Since it easy to get lost in this district, remember to bring a map with you or use the internet to orient yourself and make sense of this amazing place. But on a more serious note: tourists point out how affordable electronics are in Poland. Krakowska Kielbasa (1.5 pound piece) $12.99 $12.99 Pork & Veal Hot Dogs (Parowki Cielece) $6.99 $6.99 Krolewski Cheese $9.99 $9.99 Smoked Krolewski Cheese ... "I travel out of my way to come here and buy what I can't find anywhere else. You can be sure to find plenty of local handmade products that will make for perfect souvenirs all over the place. Krakow may not be a large city, but it offers many shopping malls that cater to all tastes and desires. Hotel boutique stores and galleries offer high prices and limited selection. Learn more about our range of Polish Cooked Meats & Sausages You’ll find the store in the same building that houses the Hipolit House which is a historical museum. What about paying for your shopping? Best served cold with crackers and your favorite cheese. and – let’s not forget – a bottle of vodka. Galeria Kazimierz  is another amazing shopping center in Krakow located at the river bank in the Jewish district of Kazimierz. Wicker products could be an exciting souvenir as well. Every traveler knows that buying souvenirs in the city center or nearby famous tourist attractions is a severe mistake. If you’re looking for a bargain deal, try searching for souvenirs in places that are located away from the city center. Florianska Street this is one of the most famous tourist streets of Krakow and always bustling with life. Remember that since the mall is located right next to the train and bus station, it might be a bit crowded. Do you know that the word Poland originates from the name of a tribe that dominated the country’s territory? It’s a city where you can find a lot of great products at very reasonable prices and where it’s easy to get a bargain. Visitors to Krakow get to enjoy a great selection of quality goods on offer in its many shops and malls. If you’re visiting Krakow over the weekend, be sure to check the website of the shopping mall because every week they host a variety of events. The name of this tribe derived from the word polano, which means a piece of firewood. Another classic souvenir is a set of shot glasses decorated with Polish symbols like the white eagle or the Polish flag. If you just love to shop, Krakow is a paradise destination – it offers more retail opportunities than you can imagine.

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