what season do apple trees bear fruit

Trees on these rootstocks require staking and can be maintained under 10 feet tall. Your apple tree will bear apples in the fall season when it's mature. This boom and bust cycle can easily be broken by thinning the fruit in the heavy years to balance out the bearing cycle. Over vigorous trees expend all their energy in growing wood and don’t produce flower buds. Make sure you always follow product labels when it comes to applying any fertilizer or spray.. You can find additional suggestions in our article, Fruit Tree Care: Spray & Weed Control. It is at this point that you will begin applying fertilizer and starting your growing season spray routine. Besides producing trees of moderate size, many dwarfing rootstock cultivars are precocious (bear fruit earlier than standard apple trees). As your new apple tree gets established and breaks dormancy, you will see it put on new leafy growth. Lv 7. A common stressor for many apple varieties and other trees to some extent is overbearing in a single year which causes little to no fruit the next year, what’s called a biennial bearing cycle. 1 reason for failure of trees to bear fruit is improper tree vigor. The length of time from planting to fruit bearing varies with the species of fruit, the cultivar, and whether the tree is dwarf or standard. Apple trees won't bear fruit for several years after they're planted and even after they start bearing fruit, it will take a few seasons before the apples are flavorful. For the home gardener, the No. Apple and pear trees grown on dwarf or semi-dwarf rootstocks will come into bearing at a much earlier age than trees grown on standard-size rootstocks. 2 0. mermeliz. 9 years ago.

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