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Even though travel vlogs are the most viewed and most engaging type of travel videos, only 14% of vlogs on YouTube are created by brands; 86% come from YouTube creators.12 This is a good opportunity for brands: Make sure you're creating content that speaks to the needs of your audience in engaging formats. They're exploring destination options and dreaming about what their next getaway could look like. Since many travellers still have an open mind about where they’ll go and who they’ll book with, these are prime opportunities for travel brands to make an impression. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. More than 225 million people attended some type of corporate meeting in 2012, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Part two of this six-part series on travel micro-moments dives into I-want-to-get-away moments—the dreaming moments before a trip is planned—and how travel marketers can capitalize on these early moments of inspiration. Try one, two, or all 11 and discover how easy it is to successfully market your travel business. Source: Destinations on Google Data, U.S., Mar. Marketers must then be able to use this information to draft successful campaigns that increase business and profits. Virgin America knows that its onboard amenities, comfortable seats, and hip mood-lighted vibe help set it apart in the airline industry. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. We see that people who tap on this image look at 10 images on average.4 This makes sense, as 54% of leisure travelers say that pictures of a destination are important when choosing where to go.6, Video plays a big role in the dreaming stage. By analyzing this traveler's searches, clicks, website visits, and video views while he was in dreaming mode for his upcoming travel plans, we can start to see exactly how and how much digital played a role in influencing his destinations. When it comes to what kinds of videos travelers are watching, 65% of travelers search for videos online by destination. Take a look at Liam’s travel moments over the course of four months: Source: Google partnered with Luth to analyse the digital activity of its opt-in panel participants during a one-month, live-tracking study. Base: UK leisure travellers, n=1000, October 20155 Google/Pixability, YouTube travel study, YouTube analysis, Global-English, Apr. 2. Sixty-seven percent of travelers are more likely to book with a travel brand that provides relevant information for the destinations they're interested in.3. What's in it for hotel marketers, airline marketers, and other travel marketers? Online interactions are increasingly shaping how people dream up their next trip. “Destination marketing (or marketing of a place) is a managerial process, a demand driven research, advertising and communication activity with the focus on potential external consumers. For example, top destinations searched on YouTube include "barcelona," "canada," "dubai," "australia," and "new york. Food for thought as you consider your "be there" search strategy: People often search for inspiration for vacation destinations based on geography or on a type of trip someone has in mind. It mainly focuses on attraction of visitors – tourists, investors, university students or skilled labor force.” Tom Buncle, Scotland: An admission advisor from each school can provide more info about: Get Started with Western Governors University, Get Started with The University of Montana, Get Started with Western Michigan University, Get Started with Johnson & Wales University, Get Started with West Los Angeles College, Get Started with SUNY College of Technology at Delhi, Get Started with SUNY College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill. Some hotels and resorts offer guests free shuttle service. This interactive tour was able to communicate the unique benefits of traveling with Virgin. You know the feeling. Liam is 30 years old, and he’s not just planning one trip, but three: a vacation to Miami, a trip for his friends’ wedding in the Northeast U.S., and his own destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. And remember that the smallest screen increasingly helps plan the biggest of purchases, travel included. Reason enough for us to take a closer look by asking questions such as: what does destination marketing actually mean? "Honeymoon destinations" and "europe destinations" are common searches we see like this on Google. Stay up to date on latest place brand insights, strategies, stories and examples: This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. From this behavior, we are able to glean insights into what is most useful for people as they decide where to go using mobile. Las Vegas, for example, uses the slogan, “What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” Florida takes a more benefit-oriented tack, marketing itself as “The Sunshine State,” promising an attractive climate to those who want a beach, golf or other warm-weather vacation. Other tourism activities marketed to consumers include hunting, annual festivals and theme parks. The participant agreed to the publication of this research for marketing purposes under the condition of anonymity. Methodology: Google partnered with Mindswarms to select and interview the participants of this live-tracking pilot study. Keep an eye on those organizations to stay up to date on latest destination marketing developments. Below a few extracts and answers from our interviews with leading place professionals, to offer you a snapshot of expert views on the meaning and future of destination marketing. The implications of this transition touch upon the core of service production and consumption, changing the perceptions of visitors throughout the stages of tourist experience and creating significant challenge for all tourism stakeholders.”, “DestinationNEXT is intended to serve as a road map for the future of destination marketing. Many colleges and universities now offer accredited online college master's degree programs. When it makes sense, highlight what the experience will be like when they arrive, including what is available to see and to do while on the trip. In its broadest sense, tourism marketing is the business discipline of attracting visitors to a specific location. Enjoyed this snapshot of expert views on destination marketing – what it is, how it benefits communities, the trends, challenges and way ahead for DMOs? The following articles from explain some of the educational and professional routes related to marketing for travel and tourism operations. For example, 78% of leisure travelers haven't decided what airline they will travel with, and 82% haven't chosen the accommodation provider they will book with when they first start thinking about a trip.1. © copyright 2003-2020

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