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It is frost hardy and wind tolerant. By continuing to use this site, you agree to accept these cookies. The Tibetan Cherry Tree (prunus serrula) is easily recognised for its polished mahogany coloured bark. Prunus serrula (Tibetan cherry) A wonderful specimen tree for all seasons and situations with beautiful shiny mahogany peeling bark. © 2020 Gardeners Dream. This tree has a rounded, quite broad and semi-transparent loose crown. Sturdily growing specimens have the most beautiful trunks. Regardless of its personal preference, it is generally undemanding and tolerates all cultivated garden soils, except the heavy ones. The leaves turn red in the autumn. One of our best selling ornamental trees, this tree is a magnificent point of interest in a garden, particularly during winter. Foliage. Postgraduate study at the University of Salford, Become an International student at the University of Salford, Study and work abroad opportunities, Erasmus+ and International Exchanges, Information for Parents, Carers, Guardians and Supporters, As a Salford graduate, your relationship with the University continues long after you graduate, Online mentoring and networking - make the most of being part of the Salford alumni community, Help us to provide opportunities and change lives, Donate to get involved and make a difference, Research into industry, KTP and technology transfer, Research governance, academic ethics, research policy & compliance and research training, Explore our interdisciplinary research centres, Explore current vacancies and what it’s like to work at Salford. RECOMMENDED ADD-ON - We highly recommend this product be purchased alongside any order for plants, to ensure that they get the best start in your garden. Happy in sandy or clay soils, either acid or chalky the Tibetan cherry will flourish in all parts of Britain. Genus: Prunus. 5ft Multi Stem Himalayan Birch Tree | 12L Pot | Betula utilis 'jacquemontii', 3ft 'Brown Turkey' Fig Bush |Multi Stem | 4.5L Pot, 7ft Multi-Stem Tibetan Cherry Tree | 4 Years Old | 18L Pot | Prunus Serrula, 4ft Brown Turkey' Fig Bush |Multi Stem | 18L Pot, 5ft Multi Stem Tibetan Cherry Tree | 9L Pot | Prunus serrula, 5ft Single Stem Tibetan Cherry Tree | Bare Root | Prunus serrula, 5ft Multi Stem 'Snow Queen' Himalayan Birch Tree | 12L Pot | Betula utilis var. Also known as the Tibetan Cherry tree, the pointy leaves of serrula are deciduous and elliptic, yellow-green when young but mature to dark green later. Its small cupped, white flowers grow in umbels in April to May. Rootgrow is a granular feed that is commonly used to promote vigourous and robust growth, even in poor soils. It is often grown as an ornamental, due to its beautiful mahogany red, peeling bark. 2 cm in size, are followed by oval red fruits, Ø approx. jacquemontii 'Snow Queen' | By Frank P Matthews™, Sign up for our newsletter and be first to hear about our latest offers. It is important to stake newly planted trees in order to prevent root rock. Prunus serrula Tibetica is always a winner! Beautifully unique, rich-coloured peeling bark for a year round show. Pre-order for dispatch Mid May 2021. Complete with a weatherproof stake and a super soft tree tie…. Height: 10m. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. If your order is received over a weekend it will be dispatched on Monday. It is perfect in gardens and parks, developing into impressive specimens. A tough tree that is suitable for most soil types which are free draining, as does not tolerate water logging. It would be much better off in the ground, where there’s less chance of it drying out and where the roots will have space to grow. (Please note DX do not deliver on Saturdays on most occasions), Please click here to view the full information page for Delivery & Returns. Its stunning bark creates winter interest for a range of projects, including urban street applications to designer gardens. Its small cupped, white flowers grow in umbels in April to May. This bark, falls off in strips as the tree ages. With medium watering, use slow-release fertilizer in the spring once. F: +31 (0) 413 - 480 490 P. serrula - P. serrula is a rounded, deciduous tree with dark green leaves that turn yellow or red in autumn; glossy, coppery-red bark and small and white flowers in spring. Cultivar: ’serrula’. tibetica. Its glowing appearance makes it stand out in any setting. This tree has a rounded, quite broad and semi-transparent loose crown.

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