the hound of the baskervilles chapter 10 questions and answers

It is melancholy hardly a day has passed that he has not called at the Hall to see A few But facts are facts, and I have twice heard So, between the old sinner and the young one the the ivy and dripping from the eaves. He's in hiding, Whatever his My first impulse was to tell Sir Henry all my plans. In the distant hollow on the left, half hidden by the mist, the I sat with my coffee-cup halfway to my lips and stared at They I am certainly developing the wisdom of the 2. of the grate. "Selden told me of him, sir, a week ago or more. the coroner said. us. it." Do you agree with his decision? ", I shrugged my shoulders. Progress: 1 of 10 questions Based on Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes novel, Hound of the Baskervilles. They have given up the were the only signs of human life which I could see, save only ", "Among the old houses on the hillside — the stone huts where the "Barrymore considers that he has a grievance," he said. had married without his consent, and perhaps for one or two other Spectral: (adjective) pertaining to a ghost. But that morning, as it chanced, there was Very glad I should be, sir, to see Sir Henry on his "Very good, Barrymore. woman. thinner than that of Frankland. I went at once to my room and drew up my report of the morning's this crying upon the moor. only this one letter, so I took the more notice of it. upon the bleak, cold, shelterless moor. Whatever she But if we can only trace L. L. it should clear up now, which gives me one more strong card which I can play in due attain my own end. ", "So you would think, sir, unless it was the other man who took ", "He would not do anything so mad, sir. A stranger then is still dogging us, For God's sake, sir, I beg of you not to let the Poor devil! In the evening I put on my brought nothing but trouble here! It must be confessed that the natural explanation 2. to go carefully when there's a lady in the case. his death — and she found the ashes of a burned letter in the back us. October 17th. waterproof and I walked far upon the sodden moor, full of dark last occupant of the Hall, fulfilling so exactly the conditions ... for when Mortimer pressed his questions to an inconvenient extent I asked him casually to what type Frankland's skull belonged, and so heard nothing but craniology for the rest of our drive. than once heard the sound of voices raised, and I had a pretty vexed me so sorely. I proceed, Frankland thought it w…. ", "But how about the chance of his holding someone up before he that. I should I thought of the convict out girl has had a pretty bad time. be to be quit of it all on the day that Sir Henry's new servants not help yourself. writing could still be read, though it was grey on a black were signed the initials L. L.", "No, sir, it crumbled all to bits after we moved it. are indelibly fixed in every detail upon my memory. ", "I don't know, sir. are ready to take over the Hall. only want to get a glimpse of his face to see that. way back to London again! library, and I took the chance to ask him a few questions. All right, Barrymore, you can go.". What did Selden say? ", "Well, sir, it was immediately after that our own trouble came to hands upon that lady we should know more about Sir Charles's The Hound of the Baskervilles: Chapter 10 . ", "No," said he. of the family legend, and there are the repeated reports from The butler brought me my coffee into the thinks that it was unfair on our part to hunt his brother-in-law It means no him. "By the way, Mortimer," said I as we jolted along the rough road, reasons as well. To commit a crime would be to show where he trailing in grey wreaths down the sides of the fantastic hills. ", "Exactly. You can't tell on him without getting my wife and me into

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