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Lake Vacation Rentals, 4 BR, Because of the distance to obtain supplies, visitors generally plan to bring plenty of food and extra clothing. Although leisurely driving along gravel roads through forests teeming with wildlife is attractive, most visitors are anxious to arrive at the massive reservoir to start their outdoor adventure. The area is called the Mauricie Region, which is criss-crossed by unmarked forest roads and hundreds of lakes and streams. Just minutes from your cottage, you can enjoy fishing sites for the duration of your stay.The Gouin Reservoir is one of the most popular fishing spots in Quebec. Guides are available, and outfitters can help to arrange licensing and fees for fishing on Gouin Reservoir. While some of them are truly secluded, you will never find more than two cabins side by side. © Department of Natural Resources Canada. Except as noted, Copyright © 2007-2020 Raub's Internet for Business LLC. Special fishing regulations are in place for specified areas during part of the year to assure adequate time for spawning and early growth. NTS 014: Labrador North Individual Chart of Gouin Reservoir: West (Folded) in Centre-du-Québec (Quebec). But it is walleye and northern pike that most anglers focus on and one of the main fishing package options the local resorts and outfitters offer. All rights reserved. Walleyes kept have to be within a slot of 32-47 centimeters (13-18,5 inches). Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City are all about 200 miles by air from Gouin Reservoir, so the pontoon plane bases are well-used and very convenient to the lodges. Many of the lodges offer black bear hunting among their specialized packages. Ships TODAY or next business day with delivery 1-3 business days later for many locations. Sleeps 8, ADVERTISE Gouin Reservoir Vacation Rentals. NTS 034: Nunavik Fishing is permitted by lease via the Gouin Reservoir Management Corporation, and all local resorts and outfitters are members of the corporation and leaseholders of fishing rights. Due to the difficulties of transportation, many of the resorts and outfitters offer fly-in service from either Clova or Parent. Du Poète Lake is a freshwater lake that has become the "Du Poète Reservoir", located west of the Gouin Reservoir, in the territory of the city of La Tuque, in the administrative region of Mauricie, in the province of Quebec, in Canada.This lake extends entirely in the canton of Poisson. All rights reserved. Printed on waterproof and tear-proof paper at a scale of 1:50,000. This product does not contain data from all sources listed above. We make maps for the outdoors so you don't get lost. NTS 031: Metropolitan The many anglers who come here usually hope to net a trophy pike, and are usually pleased with their catch. Printed on waterproof and tear-proof paper at a scale of 1:50,000. The rest generally use generators and propane for heat and light. A favorite spot for walleye fishing and northern pike fishing, the Oasis du Gouin Outfitter is located directly on the spawning grounds.This location makes fishing activities much more productive in the spring and throughout the season. NTS 035: Hudson Strait. Our priority is to ensure you have the map you need to make your way around confidently and safely. NTS 025: Meta Incognita Our fishing cabins on Gouin Reservoir. A high-resolution map of Reservoir Gouin is available on Data-DVD. Contact Us. Our ten cabins for rental for fishing walleyes and trophy pikes are strategically located over five different bays on the western side of Gouin Reservoir. Fishing licenses are also required. The resorts offer a wide variety of lodgings, often with different options to meet different needs. Copyright © 2009-2010 Yellow Maps. Some resort packages offer three meals a day, and shore lunch can be provided during fishing trips. For fishing Gouin Reservoir, Lake Hébert, Lake Charlotte and Lake Sauterelle Gouin Reservoir. Gouin Reservoir Vacation Info - Lakelubbers. Limits are set for 8 walleye and 10 northern pikes per regular licence. Above images are for demonstration purposes only. Resorts and outfitters in the area smile when they suggest that those arriving by car not attempt to follow their GPS along the wilderness gravel roads. NTS 024: Ungava Bay Go native for a week or two; conquer the mighty walleye and brave the many miles of water. The region offers a welcome respite from city life, providing the perfect escape to refresh the weary soul. From shoreline cabins to luxury camps with dining halls and WiFi, nearly every possibility has been provided. Lakelubbers and are Trademarks of Raub's Internet for Business LLC. The Leblanc River is a tributary of the De La Galette River, flowing on the south shore of the Gouin Reservoir, in the territory of the town of La Tuque, in the Mauricie administrative region, in Quebec, in Canada.. A wide variety of waterbirds and ducks can be seen near the shore, and native mammals small and large inhabit the forests and glades. One of the favorite forms of lodging is to rent a houseboat with fishing dinghy in tow to travel the many bays at leisure. The lake covers 390,400 acres with 3,500 miles of shoreline. Another popular option is to transport visitors to an isolated camp on an island. Obedjiwan, a small First Nation community, is located on the north shore of the reservoir, but no services are available there. Gouin Reservoir was created in 1918 when the Shawinigan Water & Power Company built a dam across the St-Maurice River outflow to control water levels downstream for hydroelectric generation. So, on your next vacation, head north into the wilderness around Gouin Reservoir. When the directions say 'turn off the paved road', you know you're on your way to Gouin Reservoir. All Rights Reserved. Maps for the Reservoir Gouin map sheet 032B at 1:250,000 scale are also available in these 4 versions: NTS 012: The Gulf Individual Chart of Gouin Reservoir: West (Folded) in Centre-du-Québec (Quebec). In order to assure continued excellent fishing, an Aires Fauniques Communautaires or Community Wildlife Area was formed to protect a portion of the Gouin Reservoir and assure the continued good health of the fishery. Daily 8.00 $ 5 consecutive days 32.00 $ 7 consecutive days 44.00 $ Individual Seasonal 80.00 $ Seasonal advance sale 64.50 $ Individual daily catch and release 4.00 $ To view this map, mouse over the map preview on the right. Please LINK to this web page by using this HTML code: Your link to this web page should look like this on your web page: NTS 022: St. Lawrence Would you like to have a wonderful stay in our outfitter at Gouin Reservoir?Would you like to have a memorable walleye and pike fishing experience in one of the best fishing spots in Quebec?. Although this is the kind of fishing vacation anglers dream of and plan for many weeks or years, the Gouin Reservoir resorts have become increasingly popular with families. Most rentals include the use of a boat and motor. 3.5 With an average depth of only 16 feet and an unlimited amount of underwater structure and spawning area, the reservoir contains sauger and other native species. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact. Although the Gouin Dam is not technically a hydroelectric generation facility, enough power is produced to provide for the local needs of a few of the nearby fish camps and lodges. Fishing is not the only activity that visitors enjoy at Gouin Reservoir. Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City are all about 200 miles by air from Gouin Reservoir, so the pontoon plane bases are well-used and very convenient to the lodges. Advertise Yes, I want to receive map store discounts. All Rights Reserved. In order to do so, discover the 2021 rates of our outfitter while including your cottage at Gouin Reservoir, a boat and a motor at very competitive prices! The route 405, connecting the Gouin Dam to the village of Wemotaci, Quebec by the west bank of the Saint-Maurice River, serves the Jean-Pierre River Valley and also the peninsula that stretches north on 30.1 kilometres (18.7 mi) in the Gouin Reservoir. Copyright © 2007-2020 Lakelubbers LLC. Some secondary forest roads are in use nearby for forestry and recreational tourism activities.

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