raman meaning in sanskrit

[89] The exact century of its completion is unknown, but has been estimated to be somewhere between the 6th century to as late as the 14th century, but it is likely that a version of the text existed in the 1st millennium. [64], Rama's life story is imbued with symbolism. [135][136] The Jataka literature of Buddhism is generally dated to be from the second half of the 1st millennium BCE, based on the carvings in caves and Buddhist monuments such as the Bharhut stupa. Ravana kidnapping Sita while Jatayu on the left tried to help her. He is shown black, blue or dark color, typically wearing reddish color clothes. In the Indian traditions, particularly Rama, the story is about a divine human, a mortal god, incorporating both into the exemplar who transcends both humans and gods.[65]. [54] His first wife Sita becomes a Jaina nun at the end of the story. [91] The third and fourth books assert that liberation comes through a spiritual life, one that requires self-effort, and present cosmology and metaphysical theories of existence embedded in stories. [129], In Jainism, the earliest known version of Rama story is variously dated from the 1st to 5th century CE. There are 511 military records available for the last name Raman. [1], The Ramayana mentions an archery contest organised by King Janaka, where Sita and Rama meet. The region has numerous Rama temples and is an important Vaishnava pilgrimage site. Though born in a royal family, their life is described in the Hindu texts as one challenged by unexpected changes such as an exile into impoverished and difficult circumstances, ethical questions and moral dilemmas. The Buddha idol of Kosala is important in the Theravada Buddhism tradition, and one that is described by the 7th-century Chinese pilgrim Xuanzhang. Such was the level of her devotion. Second, he emphasises through what he says and what he does a union of "self-consciousness and action" to create an "ethics of character". [18][19] The word is sometimes used as a suffix in different Indian languages and religions, such as Pali in Buddhist texts, where -rama adds the sense of "pleasing to the mind, lovely" to the composite word. [147] Traditional scholarship holds that his disciples included later Bhakti movement poet-saints such as Kabir, Ravidas, Bhagat Pipa and others. According to Sheldon Pollock, the figure of Rama incorporates more ancient "morphemes of Indian myths", such as the mythical legends of Bali and Namuci. Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press. [133], Jain texts tell a very different version of the Rama legend than the Hindu texts such as by Valmiki. Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Irene Petryszak (2002), The Himalayan Masters: A Living Tradition, pp 37. [19], According to Douglas Q. Adams, the Sanskrit word Rama is also found in other Indo-European languages such as Tocharian ram, reme, *romo- where it means "support, make still", "witness, make evident". [46] He had within him all the desirable virtues that any individual would seek to aspire, and he fulfils all his moral obligations. Their struggles now reach new heights. It is called Rama pattabhisheka, and his rule itself as Rama rajya described to be a just and fair rule. The SSDI is a searchable database of more than 70 million names. Shurpanakha retaliated by threatening Sita. Two such texts, for example, are the Adhyatma Ramayana – a spiritual and theological treatise considered foundational by Ramanandi monasteries,[12] and the Ramcharitmanas – a popular treatise that inspires thousands of Ramlila festival performances during autumn every year in India. The Jainism tradition has extensive literature of Rama as well, but generally refers to him as Padma, such as in the Paumacariya by Vimalasuri.

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