pork pie movie review

In keeping with the original's style, there is the occasional slapstick moment like the characters' meet-cute at a fast-food restaurant's window, and That Classic Line feels shoe-horned in, but the viewer's eye-rolling is tempered by performances which range from solidly endearing to surprisingly affecting. So there is no reason a 2017 update should be anything other – but certainly no reason (or in fact reasonable expectation) that it be Just the Same, either. After fleeing his own wedding, blocked novelist Jon (Dean O’Gorman), on his way to confront his ex, Suzie (Antonia Prebble), at another set of nuptials, is nearly run over by Luke (James Rolleston), himself on the lam from vengeful thugs in a stolen Mini Cooper S that’s either apricot or yellow, depending on the light. The chase intensifies in the mid-Canterbury/Otago regions, a very funny scene with a guy keen to join the now infamous trio - as the rush to Invercargill somehow continues. Hello, “Pork Pie.”. Running time: 105 MIN. Where do I start. Not accidentally, it’s also a widescreen advertisement for both the Mini Cooper and the country’s spectacular scenery. However, the greatest thrill are those car chases in our very own Kiwi Rail. Pork Pie is not a perfect film, but then neither was Goodbye – instead, it's a joyous adventure in which three diverse characters learn life lessons and teach their audience not to judge so much. It’s not meant to be. Go see this movie! It's is likely to be more satisfying for a new audience to discover than us old-timers to revisit, but as a refreshing reboot, it couldn't have been any other way. Directed by Matt Murphy. I was lucky enough to be an extra and had a fantastic time.Thanks so much to the cast and crew for a fun experience. O'Gorman and Rolleston, deliver once again another great performance. Pork Pie (M,105 mins) Directed by Matt Murphy ★★½ A long time ago, I found a copy of Geoff Murphy's 1981 film Goodbye Pork Pie in a video shop … Have seen the Pork Pie Movie twice now and also took part in the Pork Pie Epic Roadie trip from Hamilton through to Taihape and absolutely loved the whole experience. There were no boring moments, lots of action and laughs. You are chased by the cops, you are all over the news, your name is chanted by by the crowd wherever you go. The original movie Goodbye Pork Pie (1981) really kicked off the New Zealand film industry to becoming what it is today. I never saw the original, but it doesn't matter because this was a really fun movie and I highly recommend it to anyone. The story has been cleverly updated by writer-director Matt Murphy, son of the original film’s director Geoff (who crewed on the first film as a lad). A must see - 328 locals attended the Regent in Taumarunui on 11th February- for us - a full house. To that end, Murphy could do no better in his casting of a charismatically shambolic Dean O'Gorman (The Hobbit, The Almighty Johnsons), the can-do-no-wrong James Rolleston and a terrific Ashleigh Cummings, whose pitch-perfect rendition of a plucky Kiwi chick belies no trace of her Australian upbringing. But all we did on the way home was talk about the movie & how great it was. Pork Pie (M) 105 mins ★★★½. Another great Kiwi film I would watch again and encourage everybody to go and see. So when I saw it was being remade I wasn't sure if it would work, but my hopes grew when I saw many familiar family names in the writer's & crew. At that point it’s off to the races, as the three elude capture on the streets of Wellington (a clever recreation of the original’s most memorable set piece) and head south toward Invercargill.

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