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She ran into Chips at the front of the hospital and he offered to give her a ride to Garage Q so she could pick up her car and say her goodbyes at the morgue. There were several dozen guests in attendance with a plurality of them dressed as Rickys and Ellies and several members of the Leanbois were present as security. NoPixel community is a FANDOM Games Community. - Copperpot. The revelation caused Jordan to become unhinged, as he hadn't intended on killing Kayden, and he would later go on a drug fueled rampage against the PD before Nettie had to save his life by performing CPR after he'd been gunned down. Nettie had previously met August in January and was well aware of the woman's mental instability. Since then the pair regularly meet up together and help each other with matters in their day to day lives, often regarding odd jobs associated with the lot. In the months following Amara's death, Nettie feigned having an authentic friendship with Tessa as a ploy to scam money out of her on various occasions. A few days after divorce trial, the DA's office began investigating Nettie for perjury. Even after resigning Nettie continued to maintain friendships with several of her former coworkers, particularly Bailey Jade and Mari Jones. Nobody knows you like I do. Apples, Copperpot, and Louis did a significant amount of the legwork early on while Jordan was briefly out of commission and Nettie ran the relatively quiet night shift at Q. She would later become livid after overhearing Conan Clarkson casually mentioning the passing of Boba over the police radio. Nettie was shocked to discover Kizzy had been fired from Pillbox and developed a crack addiction. This rivalry nearly came to a head when Nettie mused about abducting Solomon and murdering him with a shotgun during one of her manic episodes. 5'9 Throughout many of these videos they demanded that the Chief of Police, Bobby Smith, stab out his other eye as he was already missing one; and, keeping with the theme of the demands, they would stab the victims taken from T in the eye with a knife. - Tribble. On April 4th, Nettie and Jordan married during a ceremony at the Vinewood Cemetery after Apples had a funeral where he faked his death. Insignia Shortly after taking them hostage, Petunia was rescued by EMS and she quickly rushed to tell Copperpot and Apples that Louis had been caught, along with Nicky. This would eventually lead to Nettie plotting out scenarios where she'd force Tracy to go on "dates" with her where they would have their pictures taken to fill out a photo album. Hair Color This came to a head when Nettie warned Mari that the DA's office could potentially be investigating her for perjury after lying on the stand during Jordan's divorce case. Shortly after Nettie meet Apples, he found himself being recruited by the Leanbois as a body double for Ricky. In a drunken state she began demanding that Jordan let her drive. This prompted both Nettie and Jordan to lie on the stand about their engagement, which left everyone in the gallery bewildered as it was one of worst kept "secrets" in the entire city. - Nettie. Eventually, Jessie would be caught by then-Officer Jordan Steele and placed on a 5150 hold after having attempted to evade a warrant. - Nettie. Unable to parley with him, Nettie was told that she was on his shit list for being associated with Garage Q and that his only terms and conditions for peace were if Pepe would give him his Ricky sock to have intercourse with. This revelation ended up putting an extreme strain on Nettie and Kizzy's friendship as Kizzy couldn't fathom what Nettie could see in Jordan. Relatives Nettie initially celebrated when Amara died and began starting rumors that Tessa was responsible for her death, though she eventually stopped in order to avoid being forced into another HR meeting. Whatever semblance of a friendship Violet had with Nettie vanished when Nettie began dating Jordan. Much to Kayden's frustrations. She would later try to seduce Nettie again after confronting her about her engagement to Jordan. After she finished she hoisted Apples a carried him back to her car, telling him that she intended on saving both him and Nettie from the hypnosis. This led Nettie to lying and claiming she was his mother in a bid support him in his vulnerable state. The incident was made even more awkward as Nettie was one of the attending medics on the scene due to her proximity to the incident. Nettie Steele-Machete is a character role-played by netsirk. Nettie's refusal to read his scattered notes, due to concerns for his privacy, caused him to trust and respect Nettie more than he had prior to his 5150 hold. Jean wanted half of Jordan's income and half of the Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot. Coop hands in his cop badge to help DoJ as Judge After she was allowed to leave, Nettie visited Pillbox and was told Chips was put in the ICU after being repeatedly shot in the chest. The following day, both Nettie and Kyle aggressively confronted Jordan about what had happened with Kayden. The date was initially delayed when KitKat was abducted by Denzel Williams and Ricky Robins in front of Pillbox while she waited for Nettie to get ready. Nettie never formally hired Ginzu, but she reached out to him on a handful of occasions regarding Jordan's murder trials after the couple formally smoothed things over after their breakup. Coop retained his Police training, and ever since has carried a gun to protect himself and his loved ones. Nettie is notoriously bad at remembering names. On June 24th, Tracy met with Rocko Colombo and enrolled in the Police Dispatcher program for the LSPD. This led to her going to the Vanilla Unicorn and a paying local stripper, Dee Mented, to seduce Nettie with a lap-dance. After eventually calming him down, Nettie convinced Jordan to meet with Lauren at MRPD and confront her directly about his grievances. He then attempted to persuade Nettie to helping him murder Jack as a way of protecting Bailey. Status The incident left Copperpot in a coma and she was put in the ICU. It was during this time that Nettie began to muse about saving face for the department by resigning, an idea that Bailey was heavily opposed to. Being in denial about the situation Tracy insisted Nettie's relationship with Jordan was just a stunt to spite her. Employment Information Shortly afterwards Nettie left her career in EMS and began working full time for Steele Security, it was during this period that Jordan and Nettie began ramping up discussions regarding the marriage. Coop & Carmella get back together Chief JusticeJusticePolice Officer Despite their best efforts they kept getting ripped off by mechanics, both at Harmony and Benny's. Nettie has a tendency to develop unhealthy fixations on many of the women in her life and, though these obsessions are often fleeting in nature, they frequently go unnoticed beyond an occasional awkward exchange. Phone Number Since then Buck has become openly hostile and distrustful of Nettie's character, going as far as saying he'd refuse to take trials where she's the plaintiff. During one of the recesses for Jean and Jordan's divorce trial, Nettie pulled Chips aside and promised to never turn him in for having drugs like Jean once did. Initially this habit of stealing teeth was exclusive to patients, so she would have a cover story, but in recent months she's become more brazen in pocketing them while off duty as well. It was shortly after this that Nettie became engaged to Jerry Callow, much to the disappointment of everyone who knew her.

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