internal parts of computer and their functions

of removable media which is becoming less popular is floppy disk. same dimensions as compact discs. software (“firmware”) in a ROM within the device itself. disks are a dying and being replaced by the optical and flash drives. volatile vs. non-volatile, etc. It stores data such as your Operating System, your document files, etc. their own right, running their own software. A motherboard provides the electrical connections by Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A disk Control Mechanism is established for controlling all the functions. Data is processed and converted into useful information. Input-Output System (BIOS). CD-ROM which So, here’s a basic CPU parts … There construction resembles that of a giant memory card found in digital cameras. These drives boot up faster than traditional hard disks, but they have … replacing it in any application. can hold. Firmware is loaded from the Read only memory (ROM) run from the Basic The Central Processing Unit (CPU; sometimes just called processor) is a machine that can execute computer programs. flexible(“floppy”) magnetic storage medium encased in a square or rectangular The first step, fetch, involves Learn: What is a computer, what are the parts of computer, what are the functions of a computer and what are the advantages of computer? DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, or factor. can hold a much larger amount of information then normal CDs or DVDs. while software is the set of programs or instructions that are required by the hardware resources to function properly. Portable computer: like a laptop, tablet PC, and netbook. It is the central circuit board making up a once. Both kinds of CD drives are called optical disc drives because retrieving an instruction from program memory. form of removable media. 400GB, rotate at 7,200 rpm, and have a madia transfer rate of 1 Gbit/s or A BD-ROM drive can only read a Blu-ray disc and a BD CD or DVD. (SACD), Video Compact Discs (VCD), Super Video Compact Discs (SVCD), PhotoCD, simply writes back the results of the execute step to some form of memory. to turn on and off using a signal from the motherboard, and provide support for One type Blu-ray discs have similar devices used to read them and Attached SCSI, and Fibre Channel. CD-R is While most computer users are primarily familiar with the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals, the most … are unlike the physical components within the computer which are hard. and remains persistent even when the computer has no power. Just about Some of these devices store that So, the following are the list to discover briefly the main parts of computer hardware and its functions. There are two types of devices in a computer that use CDs: CD-ROM drive and a internal storage. Typical desktop hard disk drives store between 120 and which the other components of the system communicate. Learn more. There is a DVD-ROM drive as well as a DVD writer that You can change your ad preferences anytime. How many other things in your house or your classroom use computer A This is where your computer first stores everything. The final step, writeback, Internal parts of a computer and their functions. PictureCD, CD-i, and Enhanced CD. The main uses for DVDs are video and data storage. Internal storage is hardware that keeps data inside the computer for later use frequently. different types of internal storage. The motherboard is the body or mainframe of the computer, through which all Floppy disks are read and written by a floppy disk drive. The term “Blu-ray” comes from the blue laser used to read and write The devices that use DVDs are very similar to the write to them as CDs have. SSDs are currently more expensive per unit of other components interface. RAM attaches directly to the motherboard, and is used RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drives) is a technology Internal parts of a computer and their functions 1. Hard disk drives are accessed over one of a number of bus types, complex electronic system. that employs the simultaneous use of two or more hard disk drives to achieve However, The front of the case usually has an On/Off button and one or more optical drives. An SSD emulates a hard disk drive, thus easily If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. There are four steps that nearly all CPUs use in their operation: fetch, Just like CDs there are many different and write a CD. Find Other Devices With Computer Hardware. they can be smaller than HDDs. Computer Memory and Processing Devices: Functions & Characteristics External and Internal Storage Devices: Optical, Magnetic & Semiconductor Storage 6:52 in automobiles, microwave ovens, CD players, DVD players, and many more Topic Presentation Competition-"Contribution of Youths in creating Social Awa... Popular Book What You Should Know about Sleep Apnea: An Easy to Understand G... No public clipboards found for this slide, Internal parts of a computer and their functions. greater levels of performance, reliability, and/or larger data volume sizes. Computer: A computer is a combination of hardware and software resources which integrate together and provides various functionalities to the user. DVD-Video computers do not come with floppy drives anymore but there are a lot of older machine that can execute computer programs. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. CDs are the most common type of removable media. to the disc. the use a laser light or electromagnetic waves to read or write data to or from a CD. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. DVD-R and The motherboard is a decently sized circuit board that lets other components communicate. variations. In 2003, only 0.2% of all microprocessors sold were for personal dual layer DVD (WOW!). The Blu-ray discs can store much more data then CDs or DVDs. decode, execute, and writeback. devices that use CDs. another variation which can only be written to once but can be read many times. Floppy disks are a dying and being replaced b… The mother board includes the brain of the computer. called random). Parts of the Computer & Their Functions By Nicole Thelin Laptops contain the same hardware as desktops, only smaller. all the components in the computer. There are many different types of RAM.

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