integrated business model meaning

However, they are very immature in their planning capability. I’m just the guy that asks silly questions and starts crazy conversations. Hi Stuart, Have a look at the slideshare from this Strategy Phd. But it is when you include good decision making and follow through as part of the BP system thinking and the behavioural or cultural IBP capabilities needs that come with that. @conrad thanks for your ideas and contribution. Collaboration for me means there is a common goal, you are prepared to share resources and most importantly there is an INTENT to make the other function better. Led by senior management, it is a common-sense process for aligning the company plans every month, which will help you to allocate the critical resources - people, equipment, inventory, materials, time and money - to most effectively satisfy your customers, in a profitable way. That comes with the job. Whether everyone agrees with that definition is another matter. E.g. 2) “Continuous improvement” to me implies that there is a structural element of a mature process, next to the monthly fine-tuning. It has already been updated many timest based on some of the feedback in the comment section. be incorporated in both a top down and bottom up description. ( Log Out /  Thanks for you reply. – but it will NOT create the value of S&OP ! In addition to providing substantial bottom-line benefits, the Integrated Business Planning process ensures early focus on any potential gaps in business performance - it allows organizations to predict and respond positively to changing conditions, in plenty of time. Not just a highly functioning process. – focus and pool manufacturing resources to be more production / specialized (e.g. The other great benefit of the holistic nature of IBP is that is links Strategy to Execution, as opposed to being merely a feed into the executive team. Can I make what I sell and can I sell what I make ? I believe we can. I don’t think we necessarily need an IT naming convention, but it comes in handy and I actually like VCP. VCP meets the criteria of being both a clear noun and a distinct naming suitable for use by IT vendors to cover a suite of separate modules including S&OP. This concept of the S&OP technology enabler being compatible with ANY other enterprise system is not an academic point it is critical to SUCCESS as with an extended supply chain / virtual business there is NEVER the ability for one organization to dictate ONE common SYSTEM. “A mature S&OP process will lead to integrated business planning”. Well all fascinating dialog … seems like we all agree there is not enough clarity or attention / education to business leaders of S&OP ? My contribution to clearing the confusion for ALL. That’s the wrong direction for me. –> Recommendation: S&OP is a widely accepted, clear and stand alone module offered by several IT companies to distinguish it from other stand-alone module offerings. Continuous improvement: for me this simply applies to almost anything. Will this definition be the final acknowledged one? My goal however, is simply to get better, know more, develop mastery and share my knowledge with anybody who has an interest and likes to listen. All we might need is some empirical validation, agree definitions and a framework. )Your statement here is spot-on: “Anything can be called IBP. , a blog later published in a finance – yes a finance – magazine. If disaster strikes, an unforeseen competitor enters the market or a large customer walks away, we might have to change gear and operate more in the operational horizon. * JDA uses “Supply Chain Management” (, Conrad, It can provide the future bandwidth of our plans. However, no CEO will invest in IBP just to improve understanding & communication. In fact I would also argue that Dean presents the most compelling case I have seen to date for “IBP” (no disrespect intended to anyone). But defining IBP as mature or advanced S&OP is not enough to be clear about what IBP is. So who wants to get off the “Who Moved My Cheese BS” of best practices and naming, credit for names and get on to real value creation that improves lives in all economies ?

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