importance of spiritual exercise

Walking as spiritual practice advocate Rabbi Shaispecht says, "A walk outside can remind you of the vastness to which you're connected." Spiritual training is for the imperishable wreath and procures value in the present life and in the one to come. There are so many ways to make yourself useful and get your exercise done at the same time. Solitary walking is an ideal exercise for developing spiritual awareness. Make your mind aware of your intentions while running to both exercise the body and communicate with spirit. Theirs makes the body well and develops it. There are spiritual benefits to physical exercise that go beyond staying awake during your pastor’s sermon. As with tai chi, you do not need to believe in Hinduism to practice yoga. Doing certain exercise, whether you’re at the gym or at the comfort of your home, is not as easy as you thought. What Do You Say at the End of Yoga Class? Some of the most important benefits of exercise are realized after you make it a consistent habit, part of your daily routine. That’s fine. To get the most out of its spiritual aspects, all you need is a desire for self-awareness or self-realization. When you exercise, a fresh supply of oxygen and blood are being delivered to your brain. Exercise is also known as an active physical meditation wherein you use your breath to help you feel at ease when under pressure and to further recover during an intense workout. Based in London, Eleanor McKenzie has been writing lifestyle-related books and articles since 1998. If you’re not willing to take care of yourself spiritually for your own sake, I … Exercise can be any kind of movement, and it is daily activity that matters, as we’ve recently learned the very dangerous effects of too much sitting. Both tai chi and its sister practice, qigong, are based on the principles of Taoist philosophy. Remember, each workout is a test of your will. Some people tend to exercise to benefit not only their overall health but also their mindfulness. According to Wanderlust, self-reflection is likely what lead some people to their physical practice. Over time, the flow of chi in our bodies becomes blocked in places, and the result of blocked energy is illness. Our hearts and minds need the right spiritual food … When you’re having a moment with yourself and the inner world, you start to think about things. And you’ll surprise yourself with what you’re capable of. I mean let’s face it. Both offer you a form of moving meditation that expands your awareness while also making you feel healthy. Failure to meet the needed preparation will only cause you to struggle. I’m talking about the ability of fitness practice to make you fully present and focused on the task at hand. The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius is not a book to be read for spiritual enlightenment. You are vulnerable. For instance, performing push-ups. Exercise is a state where you engage your life and life’s challenges, acknowledging the changes you want to make, and overcoming the aspects of yourself and grow as a whole being. For many people, exercise is just about keeping your body in good shape and strengthening your internal organs, especially the heart and lungs. Privacy Notice/Your California Privacy Rights, "Running the Spiritual Path"; Roger Joslin. How Come After You Work Out You Feel Calm? Physical fitness can aid your body as well by removing toxins and waste that could clog up your organs, making you feel sick and tired. The Spiritual Exercises are a creative and flexible programme of prayer centred on the life of Christ. But you know what? And meditation, an ancient fitness practice, is a great way to do it as it can help you to tune in to where you are in heart and mind. But do keep in mind that your fitness regime is a significant part of a healthy lifestyle foundation. Her articles have appeared in the "Palm Beach Times" and she is the author of numerous books published by Hamlyn U.K., including "Healing Reiki" and "Pilates System." You just have to remember the old saying: “If It doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”. It allows you to focus on the now, and what you can do at present. This energy is in constant movement, and just as it causes seasons, sunrise and sunset and the oceans' tides, it also animates the processes in the human body. But don’t you love it when you do so anyway, and then you become a conqueror in your practice, overcoming your tasks, inner barriers, and goals? For many of us, our body is capable of functioning physically, emotionally, and mentally daily. Imagine this: You are tired. How can you volunteer your services to friends, family, or the world when you can’t even walk a flight of stairs without getting winded. It turns out that fitness can also be a spiritual practice, such as exercising being used as a method in extending our consciousness. Your family depends on it. All rights reserved. This can help you to stop worrying about the future, stop thinking about specific problems, or stop getting so overwhelmed with life. Doesn’t it feel great when you find a greater presence within yourself? Moreover, exercising can help you to grow in courage, and it gives you the ability to handle whatever life throws at you as well. Some of the most intriguing longer-term benefits of exercise include: Motivation. Runner and priest, Roger Joslin suggests in his book "Running the Spiritual Path" that attentive running can bring you spiritual experiences. It overrides your strength. Physician of the Soul: The Spiritual and Physical Benefits of Walking, Tai Chi Society: The Correct Internal Principles of Tai Chi, Yoga Journal: Teach the Spiritual Side of Yoga. If you find it difficult, don’t worry. © 2019 Engaging yourself in a fitness practice, more important than any physical results, will allow you to be happy and feel alive. Physical exercise has some value, but spiritual exercise is valuable in every way, because it promises life both for the present and for the future. Health and fitness experts at have shared the essential keys to tap into your hidden spiritual resources, and that is through physical exercise. Spiritual guide, Sri Chinmoy, says that if you imagine spirituality as analogous to a body, then yoga is the heart of your spiritual body and an equivalent to your physical heart. But to reach your peak performance or max potential, you must train for it. One of the great ways to challenge yourself and push your limit is through fitness practice, which can also help you expand your physical and mental thresholds. The Bible says your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19). This is how exercising can transform your mental and emotional breakdowns to breakthroughs. If your body is the temple, then your brain may very well be the throne room. When making it into your workouts, two endless options come up against the physical sensations: deciding whether to push through or just shy away. Despite the adversity, your heart can be found in continuing—giving your workouts all you have to offer. Solitary walking is an ideal exercise for developing spiritual awareness. After all, that’s what we all want, right? 10 Essential Oils For Creativity, Inspiration, And Energy, Spiritual Meaning of Butterfly Landing On You + Superstitions & Dream Interpretation, 15 Best Lucid Dreaming Movies That Everyone Should See At Least Once. This forms an important connection between body, mind and spirit in a way similar to that experienced during yoga postures. This kind of physical activity gives you a sense of accomplishments which add purpose to your existence, enhancing your sense of well-being.

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