how much do olympic athletes make a year

Wow, Really ? Basically, when it comes to the Olympics, athletes either go home with close to nothing, or millions of dollars — and it all depends on how well they do in their sport of choice. Olympians deserve every freaking penny. They will only get taxed the full 9k if they earn more than $388,000 the year they receive the medal. Wow, I have never seen so many people that think someone can eat, pay rent, pay trainers, etc…off of “pride” or “recognition”. Many being the 50 of 500 athletes that win medals for the USA, or the 20 that win gold? ” you knew how much you were going to make when you joined ” So back to the point, your not an olympian so dont try to steal the show. Chuck is a fuking moron, that’s like saying Lebron or either Manning or any pro-athlete who also has their travel, food, hotel, training, etc for their competitions so to speak paid for, on top of getting massive salaries should just do commercials and endorsements for free. Yah u are right the shouldn’t fight wars that are costing us tax money, we sick of it. So come down. Because of this, they don't have time to work or earn a living in some way — a thought that leads many people to wonder: How much do Olympians get paid? China, not only gives them a large cahs prize (1 million RMB), but also buy them a nice house and covers most living expenses for the rest of their life. these funds don’t come directly from the government, Rock Climbing And Mountain Climbing On A Budget, Get Your (Really) Free Score In 5 Minutes, All rights reserved. The actual tax on the “medal bonus” for an athlete who only earned one gold medal and no other income would be less than 2k. Some countries, though not all, pay athletes similar medal bonuses: While the UK does not offer specific medal bonuses, it does devote £125 million ($162 million USD) of government and lottery funds to Olympic and Paralympic sports each year, some of which goes to annual athlete stipends. It’s awesome and I thank them for it! yes, the later is far fetched but it has happened before. Those monthly checks are taxed my friend. 1st is the winner, 2nd is not a winner, and 3rd no one remembers. Some websites erroneously report that Olympic athletes make $25,000 for a gold medal, $15,000 for a silver and $10,000 for a bronze. Remember, most of these people are still kids or young adults. So how much do less famous competitors get paid? Um….most of their families are in debt up to their eyeballs because they paid for full time private training and private tutors. So I don’t think they pay their Athletes in Euros. Lets not forget the money they will get after the olympics if they win gold, such as commericals, cereal boxes, shoes, clothes sponsors and more etc etc. The toll they put on their bodies to get where they are is unreal and deserves to be rewarded. But what about athletes that compete but don’t medal? no less than $300 thousands. $600 thousands of random money gifts from the government and other businessmen plus a land “real estate” that’s worth approx. Douglas has been training for two years in Iowa and hasn’t been home to Virginia Beach since then.”, Read more: I thought china made all there athletes go for free just to entertained the ppl of their nation isn’t that what communism is lol. A gold for one is a gold for all. Its nice to know that you have provided us with this information, but where did you get your information from so I can look it up my self. Well, at least Olympians don't have to pay to get to the games and stay there too, right? They get their own personal reward by being as good as they possibly can. They do it because of a desire to be the best in their sport, to fulfill a goal, or to improve their position in life. I guess we just patriotic that way. Due to the fact that Olympians don’t make scratch for cash it really held me back from ever following that dream. Chicken!!. I’m PROUD of all of the Olympians from ALL countries. Remember — there are thousands of athletes participating, and only about 1,000 medals being awarded. Russia actually pays those amounts in Euros (not US dollars), so it’s actually a lot more money. It’s a form of income regardless how they earned it.

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