hospital playlist ep 3 eng sub

I've only seen JKH in 'Life on Mars' before and was itching to see the guy in action again. I'm a huge fan of the Reply series as well as Prison Playbook so I'm really sad that I'm not enjoying this one. Ikjoon is understandably confused initially, but plays along and the manager tells him "I remember you, the lovely family" etc. She says that she likes everything about him, and Ik-joon nearly chokes on the food. She is everything a girl could dream of being. Ik-joon arrives at the ER to check on a liver transplant patient, but the teenage girl smiles sheepishly since the pain has resided. @lovepark thanks for the recap! If there wasn’t anything on the side of Joon-wan, why was he shy whenever someone mentioned the incident? He checks the name on the uniform, and confirms that it’s Ik-joon’s younger sister. The wife cries, knowing that her husband is truly gone. Disclaimer: This site does not store any files on its server. He firmly orders Jae-hak to never tell patients that a surgery will succeed, since they can’t guarantee anything. I know it's been awhile since this ep aired but since tomorrow is Thu, I decided to come here and have my question asked once and for all. After the surgery, the coordinator updates the wife about her husband’s status, and bows her head. After the surgery, the nurse informs Joon-wan that his second patient has a fever, so he delays the operation. We shall see. And he showed precisely that when he talked to the young mother and reluctantly accepted the talisman. Retroactive rant: I was all ready to try to see IJ's wife's side of the story. My heart STOPPED when I heard the Reply 1988 music! Pride not priest or priest not pride shld definitely be on a T-shirt.. Genres. He smiles at her reassuringly and says, “Yes. Ik jun and song hwa are my favorites. As for now, there’s no justifying Hye-jung’s behavior. After the ending, I rewatched just to see all of Song-hwa’s interactions with Doctor/Captain Ahn! Once he’s gone, Joon-wan wonders if he’s having an affair with his resident. However, I think anything can happen in this show, so I won't make any predictions at this moment at least. Observing Jung-won’s response to the alleged affair, Ik-joon stares at him intently and asks for his opinion of Gyu-wool. Pretending to have received a text about some MRI results, Seok-hyung excuses himself from the table, but Min-ha learns from the other doctor that their department didn’t have any test results back. He is my fave in this series so far and that's saying a lot considering JJS in this series. There's a new recording of Aloha singing by JJS on music platform. To Love (2020) Episode 14 English SUB. Sebuah drama yang menggambarkan kisah orang-orang yang menjalani hari-hari mereka yang tampak biasa tetapi sebenarnya spesial, di rumah sakit, tempat yang dikenal sebagai mikrokosmos kehidupan - di mana seseorang dilahirkan dan kehidupan seseorang memenuhi akhir hidupnya. Besides Hye-jung, Ik-soon was also introduced in this episode, which indirectly revealed more information about Ik-joon. I think the actor who plays Seok-hyung seems very familiar, so it might be that I have seen his work before but can’t really put my finger in which. Just as Joon-wan decided to become a cardiothoracic surgeon in that moment, both Hong-do and Yoon-bok announce their decision to become one, too. While Joon-wan takes off his surgical gown, he whispers to the nurse to get their pledges in writing before they change their mind. My feeling is that he seems to be genuinely into her. Now I know after googling it lol. 'params' : {} And yes, I think I can write a paper about my feelings in each scene and that would probably make a series of books. He's like the breath of fresh air the show needs. And then the news about Ik-jun's patient's traffic accident came, and I cried a lot more. Somehow I confused whom I should pair them with Song Hwa. But because there wasn't that much of a relationship, people moved on, no one even addressed it. Joo Wan is my second favorite. Not surprise that I'm enjoying the rendition in the drama more coz it' s happier and messier. But the show has done a smart job by introducing Capt .Ahn as a potential love interest for SH. When that mother hit him, I just can't. Ik-Jun was the one she liked, but he got married. Song-hwa enjoys the rainy ambiance alone when she receives a call, asking where she is. She tells the other person not to come, but her visitor is already here. Confirmation: His wife had lunch with their son and an unknown man and did not deny that they were not a family - implication: she has a new man. The patient today is a young boy who cries uncontrollably, and after some failed attempts to calm him, the mother slaps Jung-won in the shoulder, play-acting to show her child that she’ll protect him. We saw how people reacted because because it was a more substantial relationship, but Seonghwa moved on. Even shy Seok-hyung steals Song-hwa’s microphone for the narration portion, and swings to the beat with the rest of the group.

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