guitar intonation always sharp

On some guitars, adjusting the bridge position is an easy job. The intonation of your guitar can change over time, so it is important to regularly check your intonation as explained below. Strobe tuners are among the best tools for the job. You must be as accurate as you can in stopping the string – finger right behind the fret, no pushing or pulling the string. It should be perfectly in tune. As you might expect, this is a pain to do because of the placement of the hex nut. The length and shape of the guitar will alter. I had to bend the D this case a bit, approx 0.5-1 to be in tune. Guitar Intonation Explained In this article we will be going over guitar intonation, what it is, and how to adjust it. But you may find that it’s close to impossible to achieve good intonation across each string. An expensive invasive procedure. I have had the same type of problem with all of my Les Pauls which have the same type of tune-o-matic bridge and stop tail piece. Guitar Gear Finder is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, or, Step 2: Play a 12th Fret Natural Harmonic, Step 4: Repeat the Steps for Every String, Loosen Your Strings While Adjusting Intonation, Check out my Ultimate Guide to Guitar Tuners, Find out more about Floyd Rose bridges in my ultimate guide here, Read through this guide on adjusting a truss rod, read more on how often to change guitar strings here, check out this Guide on True Temperament Frets, Must-Have Books for Guitarists (Reviewed by a Guitar Teacher), Can You Take a Guitar on a Plane in Australia (Airline Policies). Put it in hoping that maybe my nut was problematic and it would fix intonation, but to no avail. The basic principles are the same for acoustics, but adjustment is much more difficult. Action is upstream from intonation so any change in action will affect it. As well, where you play the note on the fretboard effects the amount of stretching and thus error. By continuing to use this website, you consent to our use of these cookies. I recommend that you try the previous answer and turn the saddle in question around and see if that gives you the extra room you need. The guitar is not a intonation-perfect instrument (it there is such a thing), but you can improve guitar intonation markedly, hopefully to the point that it is no longer annoying. Manufacturers invariably provide setup such that correct intonation will be somewhere in the middle of most ranges. It’s right on the edge of what you can hear. If you slip while adjusting your bridge saddles, a screwdriver can quickly ruin the finish of your guitar. Metal strings are particularly susceptible to heat changes. I'm using a tuner vst on logic pro and to check some other tuning vst's. All of the answers here were helpful, but none of them worked. It is also possible to press on the string perpendicular to the fret either toward or away from the bridge causing the note to play sharp or flat (vibrato). Having a perfectly in-tune string makes it easier to check intonation. Most guitars I see and have, even expensive ones , seem to be a kit of parts thrown together with no concern for intonation adjustment. Is it humid? Turn the screw anti-clockwise to increase the string length. Alterations to the nut and saddle can fix the sharpness. Action is approx 1.8 mm in high E, and approx 1.9-2.0 at low E. Neck adjusted, truss rod set up. The guitar tuner you use will either make your job easier or harder depending on how it displays the tuning. Also, as you play you may change your finger pressure depending on the passage being played. Make sure you re-tune the string before you check intonation again. We do not collect use or share browsing data for any other purpose. Do this is the fretted note is sharp. While there are many different types of electric guitar bridges, they all offer some way to adjust the intonation. I think I did a correct setup: The action sounds a bit high (my Ibanez owner's manual recommends 1.5-1.8mm) but I can not lower the bridge more because it would be result fret buzz. So if any of this is happening to you, it might be a sign that your intonation needs adjusting. The first thing to do is to check the bow of the guitar’s neck. If the G string is the only problem then try using a wound G rather than the typical unwound G. Some players – having settled the string issue – then adapt their approach to tuning to “average out” the intonation problem. And so on. A whopping 6.7%. These are intonation problems, A sign it’s time to ask these 18 questions.1. There is a bit of compromise so try other string fretting positions and minimise variation. Can’t do much.5. What does the meter say – does it still give the same reading – neither a cent too high or too low? Take Away: It is possible to set true intonation this way but often requires a new saddle or bridge. If the fretted 12th fret note is flat, adjusting the screw clockwise will improve intonation. While it is a hassle, having accurate intonation is worth the effort. If the action is too high, it will throw your intonation out. This might be considered a set of unreasonable expectations if one were reasonable, a trait sometimes lacking. How to ingest and analyze benchmark results posted at MSE? With our modern tools we can cut the fret slots to a few mil (1/1000”) accuracy. I've been trying to fix it, but I never could. Are you using heavy gauge strings? Typically, the effective string length gets shorter for the higher-pitched strings, and there is a "jump" in length differences between the wound and unwound strings. I play in a lot of open tunings, which usually involves using chords high on the neck. The way you adjust your guitar’s intonation depends on what type of guitar you have. You must also let the note "settle"; plucked strings will initially sound sharp, varying with the picking intensity.

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