fundamentals of physics by halliday, resnick and walker 11th edition

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Retrouvez Fundamentals of Physics 10th Binder edition by Halliday, David, Resnick, Robert, Walker, Jearl (2013) Loose Leaf et des millions de livres en … 1-1 Measuring Things, Including Lengths 1, 2-1 Position, Displacement, and Average Velocity 13, 2-6 Graphical Integration in Motion Analysis 29, 3-2 Unit Vectors, Adding Vectors By Components 46, Review & Summary 55 Questions 56 Problems 57, 4-2 Average Velocity and Instantaneous Velocity 64, 4-3 Average Acceleration and Instantaneous Acceleration 67, Review & Summary 81 Questions 82 Problems 84, Review & Summary 114 Questions 114 Problems 116, 6-2 The Drag Force and Terminal Speed 130, 7-3 Work Done By the Gravitational Force 155, 7-5 Work Done By A General Variable Force 162, 8 Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy 177, 8-2 Conservation of Mechanical Energy 184, 8-4 Work Done on A System By An External Force 191, 9-2 Newton’s Second Law for A System of Particles 220, 9-6 Momentum and Kinetic Energy in Collisions 233, 9-7 Elastic Collisions in One Dimension 237, 9-9 Systems With Varying Mass: A Rocket 241, 10-2 Rotation With Constant Angular Acceleration 266, 10-3 Relating the Linear and Angular Variables 268, 10-5 Calculating the Rotational Inertia 273, 10-7 Newton’s Second Law for Rotation 279, 10-8 Work and Rotational Kinetic Energy 282, 11 Rolling, Torque, and Angular Momentum 295, 11-1 Rolling As Translation and Rotation Combined 295, 11-2 Forces and Kinetic Energy of Rolling 298, 11-6 Newton’s Second Law in Angular Form 307, 11-7 Angular Momentum of A Rigid Body 310, 11-8 Conservation of Angular Momentum 312, 12-2 Some Examples of Static Equilibrium 332, 13-2 Gravitation and the Principle of Superposition 357, 13-3 Gravitation Near Earth’s Surface 359, 13-6 Planets and Satellites: Kepler’s Laws 368, 15-2 Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion 421, 15-3 An Angular Simple Harmonic Oscillator 423, 15-6 Forced Oscillations and Resonance 432, 16-2 Wave Speed on A Stretched String 452, 16-3 Energy and Power of A Wave Traveling Along A String 454, 18 Temperature, Heat, and the First Law of Thermodynamics 514, 18-2 The Celsius and Fahrenheit Scales 518, 19-3 Pressure, Temperature, and Rms Speed 554, 19-6 The Distribution of Molecular Speeds 560, 19-7 The Molar Specific Heats of An Ideal Gas 564, 19-8 Degrees of Freedom and Molar Specific Heats 568, 19-9 The Adiabatic Expansion of An Ideal Gas 571, 20 Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics 583, 20-2 Entropy in the Real World: Engines 590, 22-2 The Electric Field Due To A Charged Particle 633, 22-3 The Electric Field Due To A Dipole 635, 22-4 The Electric Field Due To A Line of Charge 638, 22-5 The Electric Field Due To A Charged Disk 643, 22-6 A Point Charge in An Electric Field 645, 23-4 Applying Gauss’ Law: Cylindrical Symmetry 671, 23-5 Applying Gauss’ Law: Planar Symmetry 673, 23-6 Applying Gauss’ Law: Spherical Symmetry 675, 24-2 Equipotential Surfaces and the Electric Field 690, 24-3 Potential Due To A Charged Particle 694, 24-4 Potential Due To An Electric Dipole 697, 24-5 Potential Due To A Continuous Charge Distribution 698, 24-6 Calculating the Field from the Potential 701, 24-7 Electric Potential Energy of A System of Charged Particles 703, 24-8 Potential of A Charged Isolated Conductor 706, 25-3 Capacitors in Parallel and in Series 723, 25-4 Energy Stored in An Electric Field 728, 26-5 Power, Semiconductors, Superconductors 760, 28-1 Magnetic Fields and the Definition of B→ 803, 28-2 Crossed Fields: Discovery of the Electron 808, 28-6 Magnetic Force on A Current-Carrying Wire 820, 29-2 Force Between Two Parallel Currents 842, 29-5 A Current-Carrying Coil As A Magnetic Dipole 851, 30-7 Energy Stored in A Magnetic Field 887, 30-8 Energy Density of A Magnetic Field 889, 31 Electromagnetic Oscillations and Alternating Current 903, 31-2 Damped Oscillations in An Rlc Circuit 910, 31-3 Forced Oscillations of Three Simple Circuits 912, 31-5 Power in Alternating-Current Circuits 927, Review & Summary 933 Questions 934 Problems 935, 32 Maxwell’s Equations; Magnetism Of Matter 941, 33-2 Energy Transport and the Poynting Vector 980, 35-2 Young’s Interference Experiment 1053, 35-3 Interference and Double-Slit Intensity 1059, 36-2 Intensity in Single-Slit Diffraction 1086, 36-3 Diffraction By A Circular Aperture 1090, 36-6 Gratings: Dispersion and Resolving Power 1101, 38-1 The Photon, the Quantum of Light 1153, 38-3 Photons, Momentum, Compton Scattering, Light Interference 1158, 38-7 Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle 1172, 38-8 Reflection from A Potential Step 1174, 38-9 Tunneling Through A Potential Barrier 1176, 39-2 Wave Functions of A Trapped Electron 1191, 39-4 Two- and Three-Dimensional Electron Traps 1197, 40-4 Exclusion Principle and Multiple Electrons in A Trap 1230, 40-6 X Rays and the Ordering of the Elements 1236, 41 Conduction of Electricity in Solids 1252, 41-1 The Electrical Properties of Metals 1252, 41-3 The P-N Junction and the Transistor 1265, 43-4 Thermonuclear Fusion: The Basic Process 1322, 43-5 Thermonuclear Fusion in the Sun and Other Stars 1324, 43-6 Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion 1326, 44 Quarks, Leptons, and the Big Bang 1334, 44-1 General Properties of Elementary Particles 1334, 44-2 Leptons, Hadrons, and Strangeness 1343, A The International System of Units (SI) A-1, B Some Fundamental Constants of Physics A-3, To Checkpoints and Odd-Numbered Questions and Problems AN-1.

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