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Providers Similar to Dr. Bernstein near Asheville, NC, This is a sponsored profile. Add Insurance Information. Sign up for MD.com. specific company or drug payments Dr. Bernstein has received, we encourage you to speak with them directly. Using this data, we can detect when doctors perform certain procedures more frequently than similar providers. You can always contact us. Consulting fees that companies pay to doctors, to get their input about their products and research, Companies paying doctors to speak about their products at conferences, Companies taking doctors out to dinner to tell them about a new drug or medical device, Companies paying for travel, hotel rooms, and food at medical conferences. Discover how you rank We want to make finding the right doctor easy. Dr. Joshua Bernstein is a native to the Asheville area. We kindly ask all patient still confirm with their plans if they are in network. Analytics then combines the scores for each of the 10 categories using a weighted model to calculate the overall Evaluation of Dr. Bernstein's friendly, caring and compassionate attitude. If you are Dr. Bernstein, you may remove your Thank you for making CareDash a more reliable source of information! Work with a doctor like Leah who will give you time and attention you deserve. To get started, select the type of care you're seeking. Data in this section is calculated using Medicare Physician and Other Supplier Data, which provides records of Medicare utilization throughout the United States. please disable any third party blocking plugins and try again. He moved back to Asheville in 2005 and opened Asheville Medicine and Pediatrics. All reviews and ratings are original content posted These can include travel and lodging, food and also performing the procedure in North Carolina: How often Dr. Bernstein performs Head and Neck Ultrasound relative to the It looks like you've already reported this review. Are you Dr. Bernstein? 1. Although the Open Payments program is administered by Medicare, it covers almost all doctors in the United States, If you are experiencing difficulty signing up or using the site, This section displays information about known insurances accepted by Dr. Bernstein. It is recommended that you switch to one of these browsers for the best experience. When deciding to see Dr. Bernstein, you can take into account other patients' experiences. also performing the procedure in North Carolina: How often Dr. Bernstein performs Ultrasound Guidance of Needle relative to the Bernstein, MD, Smart Grocery Shopping When You Have Diabetes, Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Dogs and Cats, Coronavirus Outbreak: Latest News & Updates, Surgeon General On How to Practice Social Distancing. General internists are those who are equipped to handle a wide variety of adult illnesses. These payments come from specific medical companies, sometimes for specific drugs. 2,171 other doctors Get high-quality urgent and primary care. 1,565 other doctors During Residency he married his wife Elizabeth Bernstein, an Endocrinologist practicing at Asheville Endocrine Consultants. CareDash User Further, we believe that there are doctors who have success with companies' products, get paid to speak about them, Dr. Bernstein if they do raise any questions or issues. I have been a patient of Dr. Bernstein for years. Therefore, in addition to showing the payments information, we provide some context, such as the median amount for doctors of that specialty, To protect patient identity, negative reviews are posted anonymously with only the location of the reviewer (city, state). CareDash works best with third party blocking plugins disabled. Public records indicate that she received $2,918 in payments from medical companies between 2014 and 2018, which is more than a majority (54%) of endocrinologists nationally. This is a sponsored profile. Dr. Bernstein may treat the following 59 conditions. Dr.Berstein was my endocrinologist when he was in New Milford. This data contains detailed records about payments and other transfers of value from pharmaceutical and medical device companies to doctors. Ro  bert  M. Bernstein, MD, is a Stanford-trained, Board Certified Endocrinologist in Santa Fe, New Mexico. © 2005 - 2020 WebMD LLC. A member of the CareDash team will evaluate this review soon. directories, and profiles on CareDash, please visit our Advertising Solutions to learn more. If you'd like to highlight your profile at the top of relevant searches, She seems to really care about her patient's well being . Fraudulent Review Policy. After graduating with distinction from The University of North Carolina School of Medicine, he completed his residency at Harvard’s combined Internal Medicine & Pediatrics program in Boston. Visit Dr. Richard I. Bernstein, an endocrinologist in Point Reyes Station, CA. to respond to Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment. The goal of treatment is to restore the patient’s normal hormone balance. The payments received by endocrinologists can range across a variety of different categories. Please enter a valid 5-digit Zip Code. It includes aggregate information about the procedures performed by different providers. Doctors of internal medicine, or internists, are primary-care physicians who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and care of adults. also performing the procedure in North Carolina: Many endocrinologists have received payments from medical companies ranging from small amounts in the form of food She is pleasant to be around and her nurse assistant is just as nice and thorough. Some examples include: The U.S. government collects and publishes these records due to concerns about conflicts of interest. Speak to Some have also received payments from royalties Evaluation of how clear Dr. Bernstein's instructions were. How often Dr. Bernstein performs Fine Needle Aspiration relative to the these Dr. Bernstein received relative to the median payment received by Dr. Lauren E. Bernstein MD has an overall patient experience rating of 3.4/5.0. What Are the Symptoms and Causes of a Stroke? to help users assess potential conflicts of interest. on patient experience and get unprecedented insight on your reputation today. Asheville Medicine & Pediatrics, Arden, NC, Asheville Medicine & Pediatrics, Asheville, NC. Eating sponsored food at conferences and speaking on behalf of pharmaceutical companies are not the same thing. similar doctors. this information by calling Dr. Bernstein directly. What Is Type 2 Diabetes? This chart represents the breakdown of payments Dr. Bernstein has received by specific category of payment. Always check with your doctor before making any decisions. This section shows patient experience ratings from Fountain Analytics. The PX Score™ Those benefits were not conditioned on the positive or negative content of the review. specific drugs. Some have received payments for Dr. Bernstein's ability to respond to questions in an effective and precise manner. Self-verified patient of Robert S Bernstein - Posted on February 27th, 2019 Dr. Bernstein was the best endocrinologist I have ever had! This section shows the list of practices and hospitals that Dr. Bernstein practices in. PX Score™. However, CareDash does not believe that these transfers of value necessarily mean a doctor is ethically compromised. Dr. Richard K. Bernstein is a legend in the diabetes community. While this data can provide a wealth of knowledge, it comes with certain limitations. Endocrinology is the subspecialty of medicine concerned with the endocrine glands and hormones.

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