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4. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. E.G. Want a lock for a composite door but need a little advice? Top Tip In some cases, when a multipoint lock fails it is just the centre case that is faulty. Buy on Amazon Buy on Home Depot. Secondly look down the keep (The metal strip that runs down the frame of the door). Why not sign up for a trade account? You now need to count how many locking points your multipoint lock has. Most composite door locking mechanisms have a manufacturer name stamped on the strip that runs down the side of the door. This kind of lock is usually fitted to a back door where there is less chance of unauthorised entry. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. These will include hooks, deadbolts, roller cams, mushroom cam, centre latch, anti-lift pins.Need more help? With this lock, you can open the door and exit easily using the inside handle, but you’ll need a key to work the latch bolt and get back in. Window Ware 31-33 Westgate End, Wakefield, WF2 9RG | Company Registration: 10941452 | VAT Registration: 276934556, We are still taking orders as normal but please take a moment to read, our policy on the Coronavirus & delivery information. Please see our simple steps guide below in order to help you find the perfect replacement door lock. You are free to manage this via your browser setting at any time. The Home Depot delivers online orders when and where you need them. This article explains the options available and helps you make the right choice to achieve the look, finish and functionality you want. • Wind up is when the door key has to be turned several times to engage all the locks, the handle is not used to lock the door.• Automatic Locking is when the locking points automatically engage when the door is closed, therefore offering instant security on your front door, Need more help? 3. With their stylish good looks, improved security and insulating properties, maintenance-free strength and durability, and wide choice of finishes, it’s no wonder composite doors are proving increasingly popular with developers and home owners alike looking to add value and personality to a property. In most cases a multipoint lock that is fitted to a upvc door will have a 35mm backset and a multipoint lock fitted to a composite/timber door will have a 45mm backset. Cylindrical Lever Locks. The door can be opened by pushing down the handle set from either side when unlocked. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. If you opt for the Yale Lockmaster 2-hook door lock with a 44mm wide cover banding faceplate, it comes in a choice of finishes: white PVC and white-, brown- or black-coated aluminium - view pricing. • Lever Pad is the same as lever lever but a key must be used to gain access from outside even when the door is unlocked. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Need more help? Step 2 How many locking points does your multipoint lock have? Look at pictures of different door lock types to find models that match your style. The Yale Lockmaster KeyTurn multipoint lock offers both high performance and elegance, with options ideal for use in contemporary designed ‘pull’ doors and traditional townhouse style doors. How easy was it to navigate around our website, Moor Hall Romford RoadAveley Essex RM15 4UU. - Please complete our quick and easy Multipoint Lock ID form and we will send you the product link you require. By operation we mean how the door locks. The best way to distinguish which door your lock is fitted on would be to open your door and lock down the edge of your door. E.g if when you close the door behind you from the outside, weather of not you need to use the key to re-enter the house. We use cookies on our websites. Window Ware sell a Lever/Lever variant of the Yale Lockmaster 2-hook lock for composite doors (product number: PAD18120RE) which can be purchased online here. How To Identify Your UPVC Multipoint Door Lock. A composite door may have a timber core and is likely to be 44mm thick. 2. LEVER/LEVER LOCK - If you want to be able to go in and out of your door unhindered, then a lever/lever lock lets you access the property easily without a key until completely deadlocked. MPL have a comprehensive range of uPVC door locks - we can replace 99% of obsolete uPVC door locks! Shop online for all types of door locks and other door hardware. Depending on how you want your door to look and function, there are four types of locks to choose from… 1. We have an exclusive set of fitting videos and telephone advice available only to MPL customers! It's quick, easy and usually approved instantly. use our new tool Multipoint Lock ID form Step 3 Measuring your multipoint lock? Most upvc doors are white with a plastic look, a composite door on the other hand, comes in a variety of colours and will have a wood grain effect (please be aware that upvc doors also come in many different colours and effects). Send our expert team some photos. use our new tool  Multipoint Lock ID form Step 4 What kind of operation is your multipoint lock? We've tried to make buying a replacement composite door lock as simple as we can here at MPL. Cross Park The most common brands are ERA, Avocet, Fuhr, Fullex, Mila, Lockmaster, Winkhaus. Window Ware offer several split spindle locks: The Yale Lockmaster 2-hook composite door lock is available with a radius ended 20mm wide faceplate - view pricing. The centre case is the middle part (gearbox) of your lock. A euro cylinder lock is commonly fitted to uPVC & composite doors and is used with multi-point locking systems and are also fitted to some mortice deadlocks and sashlocks on timber or Aluminium doors. E,g if you have a hook top and a hook bottom, you will have to measure the distance between them in mm. MPL now have a number of regional approved stockists. There are two main types of door that your lock will be fitted to. COVID UPDATE. Expert advisors waiting to help you identify and replace your uPVC door lock - just call us on 0800 197 6885. What are they? Era Composite ; French Doors; Fullex Composite ; G-U Composite When it comes to choosing the right lock for this type of door, it’s important to select one that is designed to work specifically with a composite construction. Request a trade account here! Bedford SPLIT SPINDLE LOCK - If you want to prevent access from the outside automatically, then a split spindle operation should fit the bill. There are many different brands on the market and identifying your replacement multipoint lock can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. You can view our complete range of multipoint locks by clicking on the following link - Multipoint Locks, * NEW TOOL* Need help finding your lock? Don't wait! To learn more about how we use the cookies, please see our cookies policy. What are they? This lock is handle-free and entirely key operated, and when you close the door, the latch bolt will engage automatically, so you’ll always need a key to enter the property. We're now open, and are despatching orders daily. Please find our complete range of centre cases/gearboxes here. A standard upvc door and a composite/timber door. The two measurements when measuring your multipoint lock are, the “Cenres/PZ” and the “Backset” Measurement B is taken from the centre of the key hole to the edge of the lock strip. 92mm (known as the PZ) You will then have to measure the outer locking points. Door locks are designed primarily for functionality, but in addition to providing security, their appearance is a consideration. Best Overall: Kwikset 991 Juno Entry Knob. Click here to download our catalogue in PDF format! There are 3 main types of locking operation: • Lever lever is when the door handle has to be lifted to engage the locks then turn the key once to lock. However, if you’re still unsure or have further questions, why not call 01234 242742 to talk to one of our experienced, knowledgeable sales team or email [email protected]? You’ll need a key to open the door from the outside, as well as bolt the door from the inside. Type of Front Door Lock/Back Door Lock & Sometimes Internal Doors. Step 1 Identifying your multipoint lock? Cylindrical lever locks are very widely used as commercial door locks. Alternatively, for an even tighter weather seal and better corrosion resistance, you could plump for the stainless steel Yale YS170 3-hook composite door bolt which is available in several backset and faceplate options - view pricing.

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