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Columbia Journalism Review. Columbia Journalism School. Columbia Journalism Review. Their on-line "Who Owns What", which catalogs the ownership of each media outlet, is an example of the valuable work CJR does. Read more. 3 people found this helpful. MAGAZINES. Columbia Journalism Review contributors strive to equip readers for such an examination. Its contents include news and media industry trends, analysis, professional ethics, and stories behind news. CJR's guide to what the major media companies own. recent issues. Columbia Journalism Review. Columbia Journalism Review. Columbia Journalism Review. With few public editors left in the media landscape, the Columbia Journalism Review is hiring its own to monitor four major outlets. The first is that the internet is the most powerful force disrupting the news media. Columbia Journalism Review. EXPLORE MY LIBRARY. Magazines and Their Websites: A Columbia Journalism Review Survey and Report Study Guides . Summer 2019. View: What journalism can learn from mutual aid. EN. Pew Research Center November 20, 2020. Select a media company below to begin. Highly recommended!!! Columbia Journalism Review. Know something we don't about Who Owns What? New money. The Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) is an American magazine for professional journalists that has been published by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism since 1961. Winter 2019. Fall 2019. Columbia Journalism Review. Pew Research Center November 19, 2020. Kudos to the Columbia Journalism Review for putting the muscle behind having Tim Schwab perform an in-depth investigation into how the Gates Foundation has lavished money on various not-for-profit news organizations, like NPR, as well as other media outlets in the US and abroad, to secure favorable, even at times one-sided coverage of its pet initiatives. Articles published by Columbia Journalism Review on Longform. T wo beliefs safely inhabit the canon of contemporary thinking about journalism. Breaking the news of the Kennedy assassination, an oral history: Wicker: [In the press room] we received an account from Julian Reed, a staff assistant, of Mrs. John Connally’s recollection of the shooting…. Burkina Faso’s invisible war. The doctors had hardly left before Hawks came in and told us Mr. Johnson would be sworn in immediately at the airport. Follow the RSS feed for this page: Pew Research Center November 24, 2020. Editor in Chief Kyle Pope speaks with NPR's Audie Cornish about it. Fall 2018. Drop us a line at [email protected]. Spring 2020. Delacorte Lectures; At Columbia Journalism Review, we monitor the press in all its forms, calling attention to its shortcomings and strengths in order to ensure that the standards of honest and responsible journalism remain the bedrock of our profession. Columbia Journalism Review. Back issues of Columbia Journalism Review.

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