coast of maine compost and peat

Buy Online and pick up at our store. Earthworm Casting (8 Dry Quarts) Organic Seed Starter (16 Dry Quarts) 32 Oz Liquid. Uses: Containers and large pots. But it’s not only winter that needs your attention… but next spring and summer! Uses: Soil conditioning, top dress indoor container plants, compost tea –  Great for vegetables! Penobscot Compost and Peat 1 cu. Uses: Fertilizer for containers, vegetable gardens, flower beds Watch our educational Because it is made with compost, it gives you the benefit of requiring less frequent watering and feeding. Atlantic salmon is farmed in the inlets of Passamaquoddy Bay. The castings are odorless and finely textured, making it easy to top dress houseplants. We are a family run business serving our local community with quality products, services and know how for your home, garden and pets. Perfect for mulching trees and shrubs, or topdressing lawns. available locally PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Gardeners have long known that there’s magic in worm castings. Coast of Maine Organic Products Penobscot Blend Compost & Peat is a rich, smooth, all-in-one planting mix made from salmon and blueberry compost, tiny mussel shell fragments and peat. Once diluted, it can be watered-in or applied as a foliar spray. The soil is made with premium ingredients, it contains compost, peat moss and aged bark. From this idea, a love of gardening and a commitment to sustainable practices, Coast of Maine Organic Products has grown to offer what we believe are the most unique and effective organic gardening products available. Cobscook Blend is made with a blend of fully matured salmon and blueberry compost (both locally recycled byproducts), mixed with aged bark, long staple sphagnum peat moss and horticultural limestone. It can also be made into a tea and use for watering or a foliar spray. ! Coast of Maine Organic Products Sprout Island Organic Seed Starter is a rich mixture of blended sphagnum peat moss, perlite, kelp meal, worm castings and well-aged compost. You can't go wrong with it. When growing in 15 gallon containers,  there is no need for additional nutrients. Uses: Planting amendment for conditioning flower beds and borders, vegetable gardens, herbs and annuals. Legend has it that the region’s native tribes used fish to fertilize their crops long before the arrival of the first European colonists. Ready to start your fall garden? Uses: Promotes budding and blooming in indoor plants. Penobscot Compost and Peat 1 cu. An all-in-one blend for both planting annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees or conditioning gardens beds and borders. Available in 8 Quart,  16 Quart and 2cf bags. ", "I need to sell quality... when my customers buy something from us, they know it will work. All Purpose; Greening and Leafing; Organic Plant Food; Buds and Blooms; Dry Quarts. Get great advice and tips A rich, smooth blend of salmon and blueberry compost, tiny mussel shell fragments and peat… We ship orders every business day from January through mid May. Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Blend Premium Potting Soil is made with salmon, blueberry, lobster and other composts, calcium and chitin-rich lobster shells, sphagnum peat, perlite and kelp meal and designed for potting house plants, planting hanging baskets, window boxes and all containers. We are updating our website and ordering will be available for our Adds nutrients and structure to planting mixes. 1cu.ft. A rich, smooth blend of salmon and blueberry compost, tiny mussel shell fragments and peat. It is OMRI listed for use in organic gardens. Wentworth Greenhouse loves Penobscot Blend! I need as much help as I can get, and coast of Maine gives it to me!". Read all about it in this month’s blog! Plant bulbs now to brighten up your spring! It is OMRI listed for use in organic gardens. Indoor Plant Food ; For more Information or for ordering: CONTACT US. I used the lobster compost in an outdoor vegetable garden but have not tested it in my indoor cannabis grow. Thank you for your patience. Grows amazing vegetables! It works well with tomatoes, and, where growing cannabis and medical marijuana is legal, growers have reported tremendous results. "How-to" videos and learn Uses: A source of phosphorus, calcium, nitrogen and essential minerals for budding and blooming plants. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Bar Harbor Blend is our organically approved, all-purpose potting soil. bags. If you have shopped at OGS before, you may qualify for a higher discount based on the total of your previous Organic Growers Supply orders in the past 12 months. My local garden center has Coast Of Maine soil products. Which is exactly why we tried. ft. - Coast of Maine quantity. Uses: A great soil conditioner for BEST organic garden! Also terrific for growing vegetables! work. The Jobes Easy Gardener Bulk Tree Fertilizer 15-7-6 combination feeds roots for up to six weeks. Coast of Maine Organic Products Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix is a complex “super soil” designed for high performance container growing. A blend of compost and peat, it is ideal for planting annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees or conditioning gardens, beds and borders. Allowed for use on MOFGA-certified farms. It is permitted for use in the production of MOFGA certified organic crops. It drains well and is an ideal soil conditioner for existing beds that need reinvigorating. An all-in-one blend for both planting annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees or conditioning gardens beds and borders. Open in-store and online orders to pick up curbside. A blend of compost and peat, it is ideal for planting annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees or conditioning gardens, beds and borders. Coast of Maine's NEW Natural & Organic Planting Soils! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Monhegan Blend Black Earth is an exceptionally rich blend of naturally composted barks and fine sand. Mixed with native soil, it helps aerate and add texture and promotes better root growth. Compost is a rich source of organic material and will help improve the moisture and nutrient holding capacity of your soil. Be the first to review “Penobscot Compost and Peat 1 cu. Also great for conditioning sandy soil, aerating compacted and clay soils. Reviews (0) Reviews There are no reviews yet. Please check again. It is a rich, dark brown and full bodied, designed for re-potting house plants, planting hanging baskets, window boxes and all containers. It requires less frequent watering and works well with acid-loving plants like azaleas, rhododendrons, holly, pieris and blueberry bushes. The show begins with crocuses and daffodils! Uses: As a top dressing around trees and shrubs and houseplants. Customer Testimonials about Coast of Maine's Organic Products, Liquid Squid Fertilizer for Indoor Plants. ", "I use the Lobster Compost in my garden because it gives me the best tomatoes and greens. Read all about them in this month’s blog. and now is a great time to get some started. Categories: Organic and Natural ONLY, Soil and Compost. Coast of Maine Organic Products was founded in early 1996 together with Great Eastern Mussel Farms (an early convert to composting) to better coordinate these efforts by investing in quality, capacity and the development of new markets for these truly exceptional composts. Coast of Maine Organic Products Liquid Squid is a highly concentrated liquid fertilizer used to feed indoor house and tropical plants. Great for vegetable gardens. The shell fragments help aerate the soil and add texture to your soil. your favorite garden center! Blue mussels are farmed and harvested all along the North Atlantic coast. Penobscot Organic Planting Mix is the product that launched our company! Our landscape department finds that adding some into the hole with the trees they are planting helps the trees survival through the winter and cold. Just as important, we pay close attention to detail throughout the composting process. Uses: All-purpose garden soil  – Great for growing Vegetables! This product complies with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) rules. bags. Penobscot Organic Planting Mix is Coast of Maine's original complete planting mix! Coast of Maine Organic Wiscasset Blend Earthworm Castings is a finely textured, supercharged vermicompost. It can also be used to supplement greenhouse and hydroponic crops as well as annuals, roses, perennials, vegetables, fruit, shrubs and trees outside. Natural organic fertilizer for shade, fruit & ornamental trees 8359 Coast of Maine Penobscot Blend™ Compost & Peat, View out-of-stocks, backorders, & product updates. We do not store credit card details nor have access to your credit card information. Penobscot Blend is made with fully matured salmon, blueberry and mussel compost (2/3) and sphagnum moss peat (1/3). Coast of Maine Penobscot Organic Blend Compost & Peat, Jobes Fertilizer Spikes for Trees & Shrubs. Available in 1 cf. Check with your certifier.Nat’l List: One-ingredient products on the NOP* List of Allowed Substances (subpart G of the Organic Foods Production Act, sections 205.601-606). Coast of Maine Organic Products was founded in 1996 with the simple idea that a healthy planet needs healthy soil to sustain life. We start with carefully designed and tested recipes and the very best ingredients.

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