cloud seeding california 2020

“It was a remarkable wind event that caused multiple destructive wildfires,” said Alex Hoon, an incident meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Reno. December 20, 2019, 8:07 a.m. PST. Actually, I am wondering about Bill Gates and his constant PUSH for emergency and crisis coming vaccinations for widespread virus and disease. For those in doubt I invite you to look up flight radar 24 and there are also a few others sites. Dried Up and Maxed Out, California Tries to Make It Snow After its driest year on record, the state is trying one of the cheaper ways of staving off drought: cloud seeding. this link . In all, that cloud seeding event and two more later that month produced a total of about 282 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of water. Jake, do you remember saying this? They appeared to look like chem trails. These sites are referred to as Automated High Output Ground Sites (AHOGS) and are California Department of Water Resources labels cloud seeding a "safe and effective means of augmenting local water supplies." California Chemtrails My skies are so much bluer since I’ve covered my garden in orgonite. Hi I live in Yuba City CA near Sacramento. Please check out orgonite. Hope we as a community can continue to bring to light these very dark scheme’s of the Men in Black. In a nutshell, the fire will remain plume-dominated as long as the heat being released from the fire is warmer than the air surrounding it as it rises. Homeless families sought shelter from COVID-19 in vacant homes. You may also contact the OPR via email at or via phone at (916) 445-0613. In 1967, legislation was passed that allowed cloud seeding to happen, but in 1993, after a severe drought in eastern Montana led to concerns over North Dakota’s cloud seeding efforts, a bill was passed in Montana essentially making cloud seeding impractical. Little direct evidence for increased costs has been found for the small, incremental changes in storm size; the effort to clear a road of 5.5” of snow is much the same as the effort to clear a road of 5” of snow. Here they admit they have been “seeding clouds” in California for decades. I honestly don’t know how to keep them safe now. At early morning I see strange fixed lights. They are deliberately poisoning all humans and wildlife with the clouds they shoot from the airplanes. So the fire is weaker at night because of increased relative humidity, and the air being pulled into the fire is cooler. Current, August month of 2018, I have witnessed green haze misting over our skies and seeping inside our homes. Cloud seeding programs are conducted throughout California and are common throughout the world. ?✈☁️☁️?☁️☁️??? To date, there has been no complete and rigorous study of current cloud seeding projects in California, although some studies of individual projects in the past years have shown increases in runoff. A summary Heavy aerosol spraying in Yuba County, California again. And military aircraft and helicopters land behind Geyserville and Lake Sonoma even though closest airport besides Santa Rosa is TAB to my knowledge. Heavy aerosol spraying in Yuba County, California again. Siskyou county hit hard this morning! Skies turn a light gray, not white from moisture, but a silvery gray. Enhancing the precipitation of one region at the expense of those downwind. Under certain conditions, that fast-rising air can create a fire tornado. The USA is under attack from their own government and corporations. Conversely, in very wet years, cloud seeding activities are suspended. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Yep, totally confirm this. In 2019, the state entered into a partnership with six others that border the Colorado River to step up its efforts at cloud seeding—an attempt to increase the supply of water to that valuable waterway. Just before sunset, a plane owned by Idaho Power Company used a series of flares to inject particles of silver iodide into a natural cloud formation that was passing overhead. Due to the more frequent storms and cooler temperatures, most of these opportunities exist in Northern California, particularly within the Sacramento River basins in watersheds that are not being seeded now. seeding material. "We tracked the seeding plume from the time we put it into the cloud until it generated snow that actually fell onto the ground," said Friedrich, an associate professor in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. Children that should be extremely healthy based on the choices and lifestyles of their parents have been tested due to strange side effects showing up… one little girl had copious amounts of aluminum found in her hair sample and on the scale of what’s healthy~ the level in her hair was literally off the charts, beyond ‘the red’ zone. And some in Colorado have high hopes for that process.

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