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You can search for It was then that she first became acquainted with Oberon, Mr. Batman I must remind you, this is not just one alien species before us, it's two, and I do not yet understand the subtleties of their interaction. No mention was made of Mister Miracle. As a member of the New Gods, Big Barda has many formidable powers and abilities. In another instance, Barda is badly wounded fighting the Queen Bee, a member of the newly reformed Injustice League. When she discovered that wrestling competitions were staged, she formed a team of fellow wrestlers and decided to train them to become the New Female Furies. During an escape artist practice session of Mister Miracle's, Oberon was kidnapped by Granny Goodness. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Together they fight against the forces of Apokolips who strive to devour Earth 2. I don't know. Batman Barda also led a JLA mission to rescue her husband after he was lost in space. Superman comes for a visit to offer Terry membership in the Justice League. While she was still very young, Barda was sent to Granny Goodness' Home for Orphaned Youth, where she grew to be a beautiful, powerful young woman trained in combat and military tactician. | Barda (now sporting an eye-patch) and Scott Free work to teach the "lowlies" to think for themselves, with Orion's approval. Company Credits She eventually won the the right to lead Darkseid's own personal guard, the Female Furies. Sometime in the future, Barda joined the ranks of the Justice League Unlimited. In Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Strikes Again, as America descends into anarchy and chaos, a former porn star called Hot Gates (a reference to Miller's 300 comic) takes up the mantle of "Big Barda" in order to declare herself dictator of Columbus, Ohio. Big Barda Big Barda is a warrior of the New Gods. [uses her ring to conjure up a magnifying glass to get a closer look]  They were the agents representing New Genesis for the JLA's battle with Mageddon and left the group after the villain was defeated. Scott and Barda are married by Scott's father, the Highfather of New Genesis. Ever see anything like this? She was designed to be one of the most beautiful and powerful women in his pantheon of New Gods, as well as the primary love interest (and later wife) of Mister Miracle. Big Barda possessed vast strength; sufficient she could lift a locomotive train with no difficultly. Around 250 years ago, on the hellish planet known as Apokolips, Big Breeda gave birth to a daughter whom she named Barda. New GodsHighfatherCitizens of New GenesisJustice League Unlimited Miracle, though they had to call in the rest of the Justice League International for help. She often went about her household chores dressed in her battle armor, and usually managed to botch even simple meal preparation whenever she tried to cook. He corroborated Batman's evidence, and wanted to take Superman down. Eyes: At this time, Barda left Scott because she felt that he had no consideration for her feelings. She was partnered with J'onn, G'nort and Rocket Red a colorful but bumbling trio whom she quickly grew impatient with. [18], Barda has served as a member of the JLA in her own right as well. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other With Will Friedle, Kevin Conroy, Christopher McDonald, Farrah Forke. Lantern, Barda, you've been around the galaxy once or twice. She charges toward him, but just as she's about to punch him, Green Lantern restrains her in a energy bubble with his ring while Aquagirl tends to Batman]. Under the creature's mind control, Barda disposed of Batman's Kryptonite that was restraining Superman. : [25] They are later seen with many of the comrades in Supertown. Barda's killer was later revealed to be the Infinity Man. More than you think, son. Before Barda could boom-tube the creatures away, the League was attacked and subdued by them. In Superman: The Dark Side , an alternate universe where Superman was raised by Darkseid, Big Barda never escaped Apokolips and instead became a servant of Superman. During this time she befriended Black Canary's adopted daughter, Sin, and from this friendship gained quite an affinity for the Pokemon trading card game, which she decided was a "warrior's game." Soon after, Big Breeda revealed to Barda that she was her mother. Granny's motto is "Die for Darkseid". This template will categorize articles that include it into the Fourth World Characters category. In Season 1, Episode 43 "It'll Take a Miracle! Adam Strange, needing help with an alien invasion, enslaves the JLA as part of a bluff. Barda perishes, but is reborn via Scott's temporary access to great cosmic power. You people came to me. At this time, neither she nor Mister Miracle were members of the Justice League but turned to it for help in order to invade the X-Pit. Miracle's manager. Miracle.). Barda left Earth with Scott after their time with the Justice League and resided briefly on New Genesis. The two had a daughter, Avia, who also used a mega-rod and wore an outfit that combined elements of both of her parents. As a former Female Fury trained by Granny Goodness, Barda is a master combatant in terms of swordsmanship and raw brawling, which - in conjunction with her raw strength and grit - make her an immediate match for Wonder Woman.[28][1]. Barda as a member of the Justice League Unlimited. [4], Barda is a member of the race known as the New Gods, and was born on Apokolips about 250 years ago. Eventually they retire from superheroing and move to Bailey, New Hampshire. Barda made use of aero-discs; small Frisbee sized discs placed under her boots that permitted her to fly. Big Barda was a New God from Apokolips who was married to Mister Miracle, and would later become a member of the Justice League Unlimited. [29] Barda's backstory is later revealed in the Bombshells United follow-up, where it is shown that she was once a member of the Female Furies on Apokolips. [Barda is accusing him of fabricating the evidence of Superman being the traitor]  | : She joined during "DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year" and get along with Lady Shiva. The aliens are sent off to the prison planet of Takron-Galtos, which Barda had mentioned several times during the ordeal. [8] Eventually, Barda turns her back on Granny Goodness and comes to Earth. Big Barda New God Disasters plague them; Barda, Scott, and Oberon leave Bailey and move to a loft in Greenwich Village, New York City. Disasters plague them and eventually Barda, Scott, and Oberon leave Bailey to move into a loft in Greenwich Village. She is also a master of most forms of combat, her skill level such that she is able to fight Wonder Woman to a draw. One event during her tenure on the team involved an unknown traitor within the League. Miracle, who has escaped from Steppenwolf a year previously and is in hiding. But they soon returned to Earth and took up residence in the Justice League Refuge. [15], After their time with the JLI, the two leave Earth for New Genesis,[16] but, they soon return[17] and take up temporary residence aboard the Justice League Refuge. Come on, it'll put you one up on the old Batman. Popular pages. : Think you could get used to it? Impressed with Barda's (now known as Big Barda) battle prowess, Granny Goodness selected her to become the leader of Darkseid's personal guard and most feared enforcers; the Female Furies. : During this period the couple separate briefly due to Scott's lack of consideration for her feelings. Although he has noticeably aged, Superman still remains a powerful member and leader for the team. Chapter 3 gives an origin story for Barda similar to her canonical mainstream comic book continuity storyline, but sets the events later so that in the Beyond universe she was born later and didn't join the Justice League until Superman had already visibly aged and begun wearing the black and white costume he sports in the Beyond stories.

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