application of computer in manufacturing industry

In this paper, the detail information of CAD/CAM and effect of Automation is being presented. 3D printing (3DP) is coming of age and beginning to disrupt manufacturing--from design and development to production. Student Name: Zhen Lu Expert Systems for fabrics production, Textile Engineering and Case Based Reasoning, Advanced CAD/CAM systems for garment design and simulation, System Automation And Production Monitoring In Industries Using Arduino With IoT Technology, ESP : an electronic sketchpad for conceptual design /, Effects of the Managerial Factors on CAD/CAM Adoption in U.S. Among others, the mathematical models to simulate the behavior of the studied textile structures (yarns, fabrics, kniting and nonwoven). In this paper we are going to provide a short review on CAD systems used by fashion designer. fabric manufacturing, textiles processing, clothing, technical textiles, The term Industry 4.0 originated in Germany, but the concepts are in harmony with worldwide initiatives, including smart factories, Industrial Internet of Things, smart manufacturing, and advanced manufacturing. Simulation in manufacturing systems is the use of software to make computer models of manufacturing systems, so to analyze them and thereby obtain important information. h�b```�f����������'108�|x����/�g�Ҋ�L��� {�-_fV���xY�Dvr����ղ��ov��x�j�e�ëe{m��� , @6��h�`� � As a result, IT jobs have been flourishing for some time due to industry's reliance on computers for their daily operations. A Customization is a technique which provides the facility to develop drawings and models which frequently modified rapidly. The successful integration of a majority of these applications may be termed Computer Integrated Manufacturing or CIM. These challenges can be faced by combining solutions such as CAD/CAM and 3D technologies with Internet tools to provide optimal solutions for meeting all requirements, from collection design to visual merchandising through production. The analysis of textile designs or structures includes the use of mathematical models to simulate the behavior of the textile structures (yarns, fabrics and knitting). But in the present day, it becomes a basic need of all. engineering. As Automation can be said as " A process without direct human activity in the process " , so this paper goes through the need & necessity of computer (CAD/CAM) in mechanical and textile industry & as a helping tool in both industries. THE ROLE OF COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING IN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH I chose mechanical engineering as it gave me the opportunity to explore the unknown aspects of the functioning of a manufacturing system. These simple devices are all categorized under “inventions exploiting basic mathematical principles that are useful” which is the modern definition of engineering. All rights reserved. 918 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<2E948F7CCF7FC5458B977F65035629A0>]/Index[909 19]/Info 908 0 R/Length 61/Prev 106466/Root 910 0 R/Size 928/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Currently, there are not many applications specifically in the manufacturing industry and these also have different potentials for a significant impact. These are being used in various departments i.e. A variety of sources were used to develop the survey which was mailed to a national random sample of 500 textile and apparel manufacturers.   research and methodology in textile industry. This efficiency can be determined by the decrease of the production time of a same collection regarding the traditional method; the reduction of physical prototype tests; the reliability (the capacity of decision grew); the flexibility (the capacity rectification becomes agile); the creativity: accentuating the ability to manifest the creativity of designers, related to the concept of unevenness (Green, 1989), deviation of ideas in the process of creation; and the organization process: including organization reinforcements of the products creating processes that allow the transmission or correct information in each state of creation (suitable formats and presentations). Thesis (Ph. We also owe our indebtedness to many others who are not mentioned for their indirect textiles testing, recycling and disposal of textiles, quality control in textiles and $��t��T ��|`�0�3�ᖐ��5tt01��� ���u�;@���A�H32�\ RFL��`.�@� +F� analysis was used to identify the dimensions of different kinds of information technology (IT) based knowledge.

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