Eating at home vs Eating out

Life can go by really fast. We have so much to do and so little time. Sometimes we are just tired and we want something fast and easy. That goes for everything in life, but especially for food. People tend to spend a substantial portion of their earnings on dining out. In addition, this food is not necessarily healthy or correctly proportioned. However, cooking your own meal can be time consuming and labor intensive. Do you want to know which is better? Below we have some important points for you to consider.

Know what you’re eating

When we’re eating out, we don’t know exactly how our meal is prepared, what ingredients are, and how fresh they are. By cooking at home, you know exactly what is going into your meal.

Healthier Food

The amount of sodium in processed, restaurant, and fast food is much more than it should be. When you cook at home, you can make sure to use wholesome and fresh ingredients, with the right amount of seasoning, preparing healthier dishes.

The right size

People usually have the idea that restaurant portions should be bigger to make it worth their money. Restaurants often follow this thinking and serve bigger portions, causing you to eat more. It’s not necessary to eat bigger portions to feel full.

Saving Time

This may sound odd, but it’s not. Have you ever calculated the time you spend driving or walking to a fast food restaurant, standing in line, waiting for your food to arrive, eating, and finally returning home? You spend even more time if you consider a sit-down restaurant.

If you go grocery shopping once a week, the amount of time spent cooking will be much less than going out to eat. You can also cook over the weekend and freeze it for the rest of the week to save even more time! We usually think going out to eat is faster because we don’t have to worry about preparing the food. We don’t want to do such an arduous job, but that doesn’t mean it’s faster.

Saving Money

This is easy. Make the calculations: buy the same amount of ingredients of one restaurant portion and prepare it. Besides the fact your home cooked meal probably is healthier, you’ll also notice that it’s cheaper. As restaurants buy ingredients in bulk, they pay a smaller price per unit. However, the price you pay is determined by the value for the name of the restaurant, skilled labor for the food prep, and many other factors.

Time with Friends and Family

Well, what a great opportunity to celebrate with friends and family! Preparing and eating meals together can bring a sense of unity to everyone involved. It is a time to talk and get to know each other even better.

Reduce temptations

Junk food full of sugar and salt, deep fried foods… These things are delicious but they are definitely not healthy. When you are eating out, why skip dessert? What about that cookie or donut you saw earlier? But when you cook at home, you can better control when to make and eat these treats.

Increase energy

Living a healthy lifestyle and eating more nutritious food will give you more energy to live your life and get through your daily routine. No more being tired every day!

Stop wasting food

Because restaurant portions are bigger than we can eat, we bring those leftovers home. The problem is that they end up going bad in the fridge. When you cook at home, you reduce the leftovers and you don’t waste as much food or money. But if one day you cook too much food, because it is healthier and you know what ingredients you used, that excess food can become a good snack for the next day, or you can reuse it in a new recipe.

Going out to eat is delicious and it’s part of life. It’s good to see people, try different food, and take a break from the kitchen. Yet home cooking can have so many benefits that we should prioritize making our own food to live better and longer. Besides that, and even better, you can save money!